Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Alot of drama,heartache for my niece, a lot of forgiveness and a daughter going back home

Well.. alot of stuff going on at home and on FB. Weird how things sometimes trickle down like that. I went down to Angelas this past Saturday to help her transfer some home videos from the VCR to her laptop...except Iwe had video but no sound... that kinda sucked. Anyways I got to find the Pinnacle CD program to make sure everything runs smooth when I go down this Saturday. Saw Toni and Carrie. Those kids a soo cool. I got a "pat on the back" hug from Carrie. Uugh...Can't stand those...and I know she needed a real one...one that counts. I love/care bout her alot more than she realizes.

Anyways...went down to Sam and Bobbys because of what happened last week. I really worry bout my niece but I really want her to know what kind of friends she has. She's got so many good friends that love and support her, from Toni, Carrie, Julia, Skylar, and Lexi. They're all great kids and have a bright future. Anyways.. I talked to Trudy and I'm hoping things have turned around for the better already... she's talking to everyone now and has apologized. I think I need to bring her up to visit Julia this weekend...they need each other for supposrt... especially after what Julia went thru the other night. She was soo pissed at another girl she was shaking and crying. Sheesh!! I mean they're only 13-15, and they've already gone thru soo much crap.

Anyways, Amanda and Conner left for CO Springs yesterday. Me and Kenny saw them off at the airport. She was really upset. Surprisingly I really wasn't that bad. Guess because I know they'll be back soon prob in May/June. The lil "Pumkin" will prob be crawling by then. It seems really quiet around the house without them.   Amanda called today and she was crying. I wish I could hug her.. tell her everything will be alright. She already misses us soo much. About right now is when I'd be giving the kiddo a bath. That was our time together..just g-daddy and Conner. Now I'm getting bummed out. laters :-/

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