Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Employment again

Hey!.. I got a job through AppleOne employment with Amerigroup Health. There is a HUGE amount of money going through this corporation. Amerigroup is a Medicaid provider and we all know that’s a state funded program. Very nice!
Anyways, I’m part of a temp team till April for “Welcome Calls”. Calling newly enrolled members in Medicaid welcoming them to Amerigroup and informing them about the benefits. It’s an easy job….kinda fun, but at the same time some people are really just too busy during the day to listen about Amerigroup services when they’re working, driving, taking the kids the doctors, or got their hands full with the babies already. I think the program is a great opportunity to show everyone that “hey…we care enough to call you… to let you know what your health benefits are”, but ya start to wonder where those taxpayers monies are going.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Resigning from Geeks On Call - 5 years

I resigned from GOC today – actually I sent my two week notice to Janet, who talked to Richard and stated they “will consider this immediate”.
This was because they had that big meeting down at some restaurant at city center, where Janet asked me out in the hallway of the restaurant and asked me if I was the one who posted the blog entry (Previous entry)
Well…I wasn’t gonna lie and told her straight out I did. She then informed me that I wouldn’t be able to attend the meeting because of the “sensitive information that’ll be passed”
Not that I really cared as I had a really good idea of what was going on anyways. Prob a change in management of some sort. Anyways, Sunday evening I sent in my email to Janet, and she called me Monday to tell me the joyous news that they considered the two week notice immediate. Oh well… no hard feelings

Friday, October 30, 2009

Never blog something about work you'll regret later!

Well…I typed on a web blog last night of how frustrated I gotten at Geeks On Call. The complaints are every 8 out of 12 calls (yes..I actually counted!!) Anyways I had to vent on this blog and I think I messed up because Rich Artese is using Google Phrase Keyword search and found the blog that I posted here

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Issues at Geeks On Call - Part II

Things at Geeks aren’t looking to bright (for the company that is) The complaints for the services recently done by “Onforce” techs are increasing. And the fact that we’re still quoting rates from 2004 don’t really help!!
I had talked to BJ Harrison (GOC tech/franchise manager up in Hampton) back last month and he told me that GOC had defaulted on the lease here in the building… and guess what!!...... we’re working at home starting next week !! LMAO.

I dunno - the complaints are really starting to piss me off. Everytime I get one from a customer I want to slam the desk because this problem could be easily fixed. Drop the “Onforce” (Third part technicians who "bid" on the jobs on the web page)
I mean we have no idea who we’re sending out to these customers. I think I know more than some of these techs…and I’m not even certified. (that term is relative btw-being certified doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to be fixed)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Amanda comes home for a visit!

Amanda flew out to visit the first two weeks of August - she really didn't do much besides go to the movies and hang around Kevin and Vickys, but I really enjoyed having her around this time - she was really energetic, swet and lovable this time - I really miss having her around the family - I know her an Derek are having issues - I really hope they work things out.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Uummm I dunno what happened to 2008.. LOL !

Soooo...I'm not sure if it's actually been an entire year since I've entered anything in this or not... doesn't seem right, but anyways!! LOL!

What can I say... I still live at 821 Wilbur in Chesapeake, VA - which is a good thing, Vicky, Kevin, Sue and Kenny still live up in Hampton, VA, which is good, Kenny still plays his games, which is not so good (he could be doing soo much more), Vicky still sits all day on the couch, which is not a good thing at all (she needs to change her lifestyle before she gets a stroke or heart attack).
Amanda is still married to Derek, which is great, but she thinks Derek has been cheating on her.- NOT GOOD. Tim has basically been staying up at Vickys, which is good - this keeps Tim and his negativity away from me.
And most importantly, I've become closer to the brothers and sisters in the congregation, and I got baptised on July 11th!! - a very important date :-) - Now I have to upkeep my dedication to Jehovah and maintain my love and zeal for the "real work"

Friday, April 24, 2009

Big time accident

Got in a terrible accident yesterday with the van. In fact so bad that the van got totaled. The bad part is I had EVERYONE with me! Becky, Trudy, Bri, Kenny, and Aaron was riding along. I was going to make a U-turn on Mercury Blvd, waiting for the green arrow, I got the green arrow, hesitated for a second, then started me turn, then I heard Becky say "Shannon!" and Bamm!! I feel the entire front end get shoved over 2 feet to the left and see a glimpse of a truck go across my view.
Needless to say, everyone including me was shook up & the kids were taking to the hospital for checkup/preventive measures, but thankfully no one was seriously hurt.

I'm thinking, what would have happened if I didn't hesitate those few seconds?