Monday, January 31, 2011

Why not ask adults?

I'm wondering why teens distance themselves from adults? Why do teens start looking towards each other for realationship advice and not to older adults that have been thru it already?
I have a 14year old niece, who with many of her friends, has been thru 3-4 boyfriends over the past year or so. They seek out advice from each other rather than from adults who have already been thru the dating "washing machine" who have the experience to tell em what to do.
Why is that? I mean they're bound to fail when all they get is advice from noobies!
Why don't they try getting advice from parents or another family member first? Is it because most adults will talk down at them... .. the adults don't have time to sit down with their own kids, or because adults chastise them when they ask questions like that, or maybe adults don't even know how to answer important questions?

Which kinda brings me to another question. Why do the kids stress out so much about relationships? I mean.. why not stress about their own future... like where are they going to be in 5 years, what are they going to do when they get out of high school, what kind of career do they want to get into? I'm not saying don't have a boyfriend or GF, but put that relationship on the back burner. Let it simmer for a while you concentrate on your career, job and future first.  They'd be so much happier in the long run, and wouldn't worry so much about getting their hearts broken so young. You have the potential to make an amazing future for yourself. Make the best of it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A precious life lost

Just a few minutes to enter then back to work.
Well - very upsetting news yesterday from an friend. Chelsea lost her baby ;-( :-/  Wish I was down there to be there for her. I think she was 10 weeks pregnant. I know she was really excited and looking forward to having the baby. Thats got to be soo tough for an expected mom to lose a life like that.
I've got to make it down to Bethel Village soon.

(And to Snug Harbor...... i miss her... my other "niece" <3 )

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another fun drama filled day!

Welp... was pretty much a quiet day... with the exception of Vicky yelling at Sue... BOY!!.. I feel the love round the house... feel the love!! LOL Anyways, on FB....the kids prob talking bout the drama at school.... or being too sick to go to school :-( Seems like one mother has got pneumonia, and her two daughters are sick as well. (I really do hope hey don't have pneumonia though)
Another kid has had a on/off again migraine for the past 3 days :-( poor kids... they have to deal with classes, grades, drama at school, then getting sick on top of that.) Goofy was having issues with Toni down the street... dunno why..but she texted me at 2:45pm... which meant whatever happened it happened at school. Julia had some weirdo guy stalking her.. and her mom called the police to file a report. I'm very happy bout that... the kids got enough crap on their plate to worry bout who to trust. Poor kids ... way too much drama.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Too young to leave us

So I just got finished balling my eyes out. I found out a 15 year old girl in Virginia Beach killed herself last Monday which they had the memorial this evening. My god!!!... 15 years old... she was sooo young! It really upsets me hearing kids going thru soo much pain that they have no other way out. But they do... they have family friends & loved ones who they can talk to. Thats what a father or mother is their for... to help you out with your problems... to be their for you... to lend you. Teens need to realize they have soo much to live for.

RIP Allison Arnold - May God remember you :-(

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm getting dizzy from the relationship statuses!!

Well huh! - Things spin around so dam quickly on Facebook... I get dizzy sometimes. The relationship status go crazy from one GF/BF to the next. The one guy I'm really despising right now broke two of my "nieces" hearts, broke up with one two days ago, now he's gone into a relationship with another. The guy is definitely a player. He changes girlfriends like he changes underwear. And he's in High School!.. wtf.
Anyways another profile.. who I thought was fake because a certain girl was soo insecure and lonely she made one up. Come to find out I guess he's real.. which now I'm kinda sad for Dara now that he's real. :-/

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another breakup - a wonderful daughter

 I so much wish these kids would concentrate on school, classes, grades and their future instead of relationships and boyfriends. They would really be soo much happier in the long run.
I know these kids get lonely and they get into the guys. But in middle school they think "forever". But they don't realize that "forever" is a word for engaged and married couples. Guys in middle school and high school don't even know what that word is concerning relationships. I hate seeing these kids get their heart broken. And it happens too many times. It really pulls at my heart :-(

Well, were having issues on the homefront too. Amanda and Derek are having problems. Derek is wanting Amanda to change her plane ticket to go back to CO Springs on the 1st, because "she has responsibilities and things to do back home". Ok.. yeah.. I understand she needs to register the truck, and do taxes, but sheesh!! She can do that stuff in like 2 days!! It doesn't take an entire month to do that! To top it off, Vicky and Sue aren't helping things telling her to leave him. I'm getting really pissed about that.
My daughter is 22 and an adult and married. She needs to make any decision that goes on between them on her own. She needs to think this out on her own. I love my daughter so much, but even I wouldn't shove her away from trying to work a marriage out. Why? Because she would think of herself as a failure. Even if it is Derek causing problems, I let her decide what she wants to do.

Anyways, Amanda, Kenny and I all went to Patrick Henry Mall just to get out of the house for a while. We hit a couple of clothe stores, Pacsun and American Eagle Outfitters and bought a couple of shirts. I don't know what it is with women and shopping. I guess it's some sort of stress reliever or something... I dunno, but I had fun spending time with Amanda tonight. She is a amazing mom to Conner, and a wonderful daughter to me :-D I couldn't have asked for anything better. She's been closer to us and the family more than ever.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A decent day

Welp...the kids in general on FB, from Bri, Trudy, Carrie, Skylar...etc have somehow pushed a button in my heart, I love helping them out, giving the kids pointers, directions, and guidance, but the past few weeks since being on FB everyday, I've been really, really bummed out. Not getting any jobs (getting customers lately), and knowing Amanda and Conner will be leaving in a few weeks isn't helping. It actually hurts.

So Trudy... my sweet niece (insert sarcasm) apparently found out that Dara made a profile of a guy named Tony Scott and posted on her profile that she was dating him. I kind of figured this, but was kept quiet as the poor kid is so lonely. I wasn't going to crush her heart and tell her she's screwed in the head for making a fake BF up. She's young, her heart is really desperate and lonely. But Trudy on the other hand said something to her and gave her some crap. Wrong way to go about it!! Anyways, I chatted with Dara to see how she was doing. I think she's good, she handled it well and was mad at Trudy for putting her down. Dara invited me to Skype. I was kind of hesitant, but looking forward to cheering her up. I haven't done a Skype video chat like that. It was pretty cool seeing "Goober" again :-D

Tweaked around 10 pics tonight from the other day and one for Skylar and Dara. I just want to put a smile of the kids faces. Mann.. the comments these kids get from their friends ... make me feel pretty good.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Small town - big memories

So im talking to Brittany about a certain kid whom I'm worried about...and I tell her she reminds me of Brandie, and old friend of Amandas who got pregnant, and shes like "Brandy?".. and I said "yeah... used to live in New Hope... you know her?".. and she said "sadly... I used to be best friends with her.. but we haven't talked in a few years". WOW.... small town. Last I saw of Brandie she had a 4 month old daughter "Meghan" and that was back in 2002(?) I wonder how she's doin?

A daughters decision - her future

Wow... I don't know who's hearts get hurt worse; adults or kids. Angela is having a really difficult time with her oldest daughter Sam. Sam took off and ran away from home a few weeks ago, now she's wanting to move up to PA with her biological dad.
I know one thing... That it really crushes a parents heart to hear those words. To hear that your son or daughter doesn't need you anymore is very distressing, upsetting, and really is painful.
Anyways, Angela said she talked to Sam and said she could come home, but alot of changes need to be made by her concerning house rules. I know exactly what she's going thru, because Amanda pulled the same thing back a few years ago. She told us she wanted to visit Derek in Hawaii. Left one week in July.. called two weeks later and asked a couple of unusual questions.
Amanda:"Dad, what city were you born in?"
Me - "You should know that girl...Canoga Park, Ca"
Amanda - "Oh yeah.. thats right... how bout mom.. what city was she born in?"
Me - "Umm Chicago, Il.... why are you asking this?"
Amanda - "Umm....well... the courts need to know"
Me (Thinking she was in trouble) - "whaaaat!?... what did you do Amanda?"
Amanda (Hesitantly) - "Well... me and Derek....we're getting married...hehe"

I look back halfheartedly laughing about it now. But back then I was very upset and heartbroken. In a way if felt like she didn't need home anymore, that she didn't need her parents. I've forgiving her, and thats way in the past.
I just hope Angela's daughter realizes she needs her parents, their guidance, and their love.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Emotionally drained, tired, and sleepy. I didn't get much sleep last night. Think I'm going to take a break from Facebook for a couple of days. Got to step back and throw this stupid curse of caring for kids off my back. I mean.. they're not my kids so... ;..-(

Extremly upset/pissed at my niece

Sooo.. That last post was in defense of my niece when I really didn't know all the facts. Now I'm pissed!. I guess Carrie went over to see Cody (yeah......Trudys ex-boyfriend). I don't approve of it, but she's not mine, she's not family either.. sooo. 
Anyways Trudy was really upset.. which is perfectly understandable.. but it doesn't give her the right to call Carrie a "cheating bitch". That pissed me off!. Trudy is burning bridges from her friends soo fast, she won't have any friends left. First Lexi, now Carrie.. I wonder who next? Anyways I posted saying I was extremely upset of the posting. What scares me even more.. is that someone will end up REALLY hurt and their heart trampled on. I mean they're hearts have already been crushed thru this stipid drama.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another wonderful day, another drama filled night

So.. another wonderful day over.. another drama filled night on Facebook.
So I spent most of my day with Conner. The lil "pumkin" was a little on the sick side. But I think alot of it is from Amanda and Vicky feeding the poor guy too fast. Too much too fast is not the best thing when feeding a 3 month old. So when he started getting sick and crying, they thought he was hungry.. and the entire thing started all over again.
Anyways.. he finally fell asleep just a few minutes ago in his moms arms. Amanda is such a wonderful mom. She surprises me every day with Conner. I love them soo much.

So I got on Facebook today.. and was surfing around making comments, and found out that "goofy" deleted her profile...or at least I thought she did. Anyways, when Amanda had logged in she was showing up in her profile, so I guess she de-friended me. Oh alot. Oh well... I still care bout her. I still consider her my other "niece". I just hope she doesn't get into trouble or get hurt like these other kids.

And to to top it off, Trudy had a REAL difficult night. It was something about Chris (her BF), but she was soo hurt and frustrated that she wanted to delete her profile. I tried to talk to her, that she shouldn't go to extremes because of one guy. I guess her and Julia talked for a while. Sometimes these kids surprise me. They're always there for each other, and for most of the times, take advice from each other. I just don't know why they can't take advice from adults... I mean.. we've been thru it already, been thru the heartaches, the heartbreaks.. the potholes in the road. But they hardly seem to ever ask parents, or adults. I don't get it

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rotating profile pics in FB

Ok.. real quick lesson on how to rotate ur pics in Facebook. It's better cause it kind of looks ridicules when ur pic is upside down!!.. LOL!

First - everybody has a Folder named Profile Pics. You don't have to have a picture in here to be a profile pic.. any pic in any other folder will do.

But .. you can't edit any pics that are in Profile Pic folder either.... so.. upload the pic you want to rotate in another folder.

Once you uploaded to another folder..... click on the picture... down in the lower right are two funny looking envelopes. click on it to rotate the picture, then choose as Profile Pic... thats it!! Easy!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lessons learned, frustrated & hurt

Well... three lessons I learned today.
1. Never hack into someone else's FB or email account...ever. Even if your friends give
 u the password. because sooner or later, if you ever do, that trust has been damaged and will take a very long time to build that trust back up. (lesson for Toni)

2. Sometimes friends do weird things like hang up in the middle of a chat session... ok, so maybe they didn't have the courtesy to say goodbye. Maybe their computer went on the blitz or they're having internet problems.. Don't get mad them, because you don't know all the details. (lesson for me)

3. You can talk to kids till ur blue in the face about relationships, and guys, and to avoid them till ur grown up a little more... but they won't listen... cause they feel they need to be in one... then they wonder why they get hurt. So... I guess u got to stand back and let them take the hits to their hearts. (lesson for the kids)

4. Be careful about caring too much for kids that aren't your own. Because apparently this is viewed by society as strange and wierd. As though you're some sort of pervert.
All I want to do is to give em a few good pointers, like
1. Don't take relationships too seriously, otherwise you'll get so much more hurt.
2. Study and work hard for those A's and B's... succeed in school, and you'll be happier in the long run
3. What you do today... will effect you tommorow.. so put the serious relationships on the back burner, make excelling in school the priority and you'll go far and be alot more happier and successful... .. if you place relationship as a priority, you might as well date thru school and be a housewife with two kids

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A marriage is between a husband and wife.. not the entire family

UUuggh! - So Amanda talked to Derek tonight and she told him that we've decided to drive her home instead of buying a plane ticket. Derek wasn't so keen on this because he thinks that we haven't paid her back from borrowing the money the past few weeks. Anyways, he's thinking how can we afford that when we haven't paid them both back yet.
Well, Vicky and Kevin seem to have a thorn with Derek as he's always taking control. I don't like the things he does, but I don't have a hatred towards the guy. I really wish Kevin and Vicky would back off and let them handle their own marriage. I give advice to my daughter, but I don't force it down her throat. They need to realize she is an adult, who makes adult choices in life and must live with those choices. I don't want Amanda to look back, regret that they didn't work it out, and then say "you pushed me away from him". I want them to try to work it out themselves. And if they don't.. well... she knows where home is and she'll be back...if they do.. then I hope they realize each others differences, work together with communication, teamwork & love and be happy together.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Love my "niece" - she's a good kid

I don't know what it is... she seems to be on my mind alot more lately. I guess I worry bout her and really consider her more of a 2nd daughter. If I lived closer like E-city or Hertford, I'd prob be down every other day at least either helping her out with her homework, going out for ice cream, bike riding...etc. I dunno...all I do know is that I really care for her. Its not the weird, sick, perverted love, it's a parental father/daughter kind. She doesn't have much down in Snug Harbor to keep her busy. She gets bored alot so she ends up talking to me on FB about anything. Because of this I'm sure down the road she'll find a boy she really likes and be "head over heels" about him, be crazy about him and think the universe centers around him. Her school work will not matter as much to her. /it'll be all him on her mind. Much the same way Brandie was, and I really pray she doesn't go down that road. :-)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rolling in 2011.. and it was peaceful for about 40 minutes

So 2011 rolled in pretty smooth for the Reynolds, Gillespie, Linquist gang watching the ball drop and all. That is till Amanda asked about who bought the lowfat milk. Tim was like "Why do ya gotta bitch bout everything that I buy? If you don't like it buy it yourself.. Ya'll gotta complain bout the food bill but nvr complain bout the cooking" I started laughing because Amanda just turned around and snapped back to Tim "OMG Tim... shut the F#@ck up!" in a half jokingly way. I was WEAK!... it took me by surprise cause nobody ever talks to Tim like that way and I'd never seen Amanda snap back and talk to Tim like that! double surprise!! LOL

Of course we watched ABC with Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark. Every time I see Dick Clark though it really upsets me seeing him in his condition. I remember watching him host American Bandstand and he looked no older than 40... after doing some research i found out he was 60 when AB was in it's last season!! wow He really was "Americas Oldest Teenager". Sometimes I still feel like a teen. Anyways wanting to jetski and snowski or just bike ride makes me feel good and it's soo fun. Talking to the kids on FB makes me feel better to helping the kids out and all :-D
Speaking of which... I haven't talked to my other "niece" Carrie since Wed. I hate it when she's not online. I worry bout what shes getting herself into and the partying. I love her and think about her prob alot more than she realizes. She's like a 2nd daughter to me. I know she's bored down there and all I wanna do is just take her bike riding, skating, movies.. just something to show her that I care and that you can still have good fun without getting in trouble.Just wondering why she wasn't on FB for the past few days. Usually she texts from her phone at least. Uuugh!!