Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Extremly upset/pissed at my niece

Sooo.. That last post was in defense of my niece when I really didn't know all the facts. Now I'm pissed!. I guess Carrie went over to see Cody (yeah......Trudys ex-boyfriend). I don't approve of it, but she's not mine, she's not family either.. sooo. 
Anyways Trudy was really upset.. which is perfectly understandable.. but it doesn't give her the right to call Carrie a "cheating bitch". That pissed me off!. Trudy is burning bridges from her friends soo fast, she won't have any friends left. First Lexi, now Carrie.. I wonder who next? Anyways I posted saying I was extremely upset of the posting. What scares me even more.. is that someone will end up REALLY hurt and their heart trampled on. I mean they're hearts have already been crushed thru this stipid drama.

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