Monday, January 3, 2011

Love my "niece" - she's a good kid

I don't know what it is... she seems to be on my mind alot more lately. I guess I worry bout her and really consider her more of a 2nd daughter. If I lived closer like E-city or Hertford, I'd prob be down every other day at least either helping her out with her homework, going out for ice cream, bike riding...etc. I dunno...all I do know is that I really care for her. Its not the weird, sick, perverted love, it's a parental father/daughter kind. She doesn't have much down in Snug Harbor to keep her busy. She gets bored alot so she ends up talking to me on FB about anything. Because of this I'm sure down the road she'll find a boy she really likes and be "head over heels" about him, be crazy about him and think the universe centers around him. Her school work will not matter as much to her. /it'll be all him on her mind. Much the same way Brandie was, and I really pray she doesn't go down that road. :-)

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