Monday, October 24, 2011

Why follow your heart?

Why do they say "listen to your heart"? 

The heart doesn't care about what will happen tomorrow. It doesn't think about the consequences and the pain later down the road. 

We get hurt waaay to much when we only listen to our heart.

Shouldn't we be using our heads when getting into a relationship, then let our hear follow? 

Shouldn't we be saying to ourselves "where will I be 6 months or a year with him/her?"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Things can change in an instant last post was kind of in the dumps, but I got called back to Office Max for the second interview. It really wasn't an "interview" as it was a briefing on the first interview and a description of what I'll be doing in the store. LOL!.. yeah.. Ed Shannon (the store manager) basically went around the long way letting me know I had the job! The position title is "Store Technician Specialist/Key Holder"'s in between Assistant Manager and Senior Assoc. So there's a BIG load off my back.

Moved down with Becky and Jim for the time being.... it's nice not to smell that cig smoke. She doesn't realize how much it bothers and affects me. I find that I'm having to clear my throat every 5 minutes from that stinky stuff. And with three smokers it gets to you. It's good to be out of the ghetto and into the country for a bit :-D
I love my family soo much... but I wish they'd understand that I have a hard time with smoking...even more  than a few years ago.

Bre (Maples) seems like she's having a tough time right now. She emailed me saying her BF broke up with her and her mom is threatening to kick her out. She's a good kid who's been through alot of crap. It's not fair... wish I could help out besides just emailing and texting.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Can it get any worse?

Feeling frustrated, lonely and worthless right now. I think I did a crappy interview with Officemax for Store Technology Rep. Found out Trudy I guess got back with Isiah.. the same BF who made her upset the other night because of trust issues. Drove all the way back from Hertford to Glichester to pick up Kevin. turned out he was supposed to get off at 6:00. We didn't show up till 7. Then heard Vicky bitch and throw a guilt trip on me cause I'm moving down with Jim and Becky. Yeah... NOT a good night at all. FML :-(