Saturday, May 29, 2010

Goodbye HRTI... Heeeelllo Sprint!

So I saw the advertisement of Sprint supervisor job online, so of course I applied for it. A few days later I find that Sprint is having an "open house/job fair" on the 26th. This position was for Customer Retention Representative.
Not the job I originally applied for but still....So I head down to the main office, which is an awesome 5 minutes down the road! Come to find out the "Open House" at the main office was on the 25th (Tuesday), but the "Job Fair" is at the PHM (Patrick Henry Mall)
SO I drop off my resume, referral letters at the booth. The NEXT day I get a call from Valerie McCarty (Sprint HR) to come in for testing Friday on the 4th. Took the 2 hour exam, that included a really neat call center simulation with avatars. Afterwards I went in for the interview with Rachael which went really well, that included roll playing as me being a hotel manager having to convince Rachael why my hotel was better that the one across the street. LOL... that was fun. Anyways, I saw alot of faces that day and can't remember them all, but they offered me the position that day (barring the results of my backround check and wiz test of course)... LOVING IT !!!
I don't remember going for an interview where I've been hired on the spot like that. Awesome!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jessica Watson completes her 6 month journey

So ... remember the post of the two Brave teenagers circumnavigating by sailboat? If not, see the post on March 20th.

Well Jessica, who is 16 by the way, completed her 6 month voyage and arrived back in Sydney complete with and entire flotilla of boats.
Congrats Jessica !! - an amazing trip for a 16 year old!
Hundreds welcomed her home with a parade, helicopters, yachts and other boats surrounding her. She said it was a "frenzy" and "not quite used to this attention after being 6 months in solitude".

Yeah! - I can see why!! LOL!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze - American Idol

Best 4 minutes of American Idol - great song, awesome chemistry :-)

Monday, May 10, 2010


Well... I no longer live at 821 Wilbur. It was nice having my own place, coming home to a quiet house, with not having to listen o anyone arguing, just being able to relax with a good book or watch a good movie with the only sounds you hear is birds outside. I'm gonna miss that house.

Anyways Amanda is 15 weeks along now. She's due on Oct 12. I'm just not ready for it yet!! LOL I am just so worried bout Derek and Amanda's marriage and relationship. And besides, im only's not like im 60. Thats what I envision grandpa to be... I'm too young to be called a Grandpa. LOL

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Somebody's gonna get hurt

So here I am on Facebook, checking out everyones entries, and I come across Aprils "You have to take the good with the bad, smile with the sad, always forgive, never forget... I love you Jesse forever".
Yesterday she wrote "everything gonna be ok Jesse... love you forever"... and all that stuff. She's been writing this for the past two days back and forth.
She's opened her heart completely to this guy and with them being so young (in their 20's) you know that they're gonna get hurt.

These days it just seems that young people don't have the "tools" they need relationships. Those tools are communication, teamwork, commitment, and "love for the other".
Of course they talk to each other, but they need to talk about issues, problems happening now. Usually all you hear is "it's gonna be alright, we'll work it out".. well... thats fine.. but how?

Teamwork/Commitment - It seems young people have an issue here - when things start getting to hot in the kitchen, usually one of them will split (and it's usually the guy!) - instead of tackling the fire together one of them will fess up saying "I'm sorry... I can't deal with this anymore" or "it's just not working out"

"Love for the other" - in the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13:5, it reads "love.... does not look for it's own interests" - This means to be more concerned about others than yourself. Thats what makes a relationship strong... but today young adults want to be satisfied and happy for themselves not so much for their boyfriend/girlfriend

I worry about April :-(