Thursday, June 19, 2003

Boredom for me

Jun 19,2003
Today I' ve been feelin really down.....I don't know why though. Amanda's friends, stopped by; Michael, Steve?, ? (ooops !!!....beat me with a forgot stick!!!). They had drove down from Illinois to spend the weekend with Amanda down at VA Beach. They seem pretty cool .....and I'm guessin all around in their late 20's. We picked up the truck that Don (Kevins Boss) gave to Kevin. It's not bad !! A Nissan Pick-Up ....the engine purrs...but has a leak in the trans pan & odometer doesn't work, but other that that it's SWEET !! I miss my trwuuck !!

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Fun times to party by!

June 17,2003
Well, got trashed the other hight....maybe trashed is to much of a word....maybe a REAL GOOD BUZZ is more like it. Went out to Blakelys, a country bar.....had a good time.........we (Amanda & me) started downin shots of Snappes with beer......I was much more pitiful than Amanda......she just had a MILD buzz !!! But thats where I payed for it dearly the next day!! Mixing liquor with the beer....DUH!! I really should know better huh !!! I'll definitly be going back though.....I kinda miss the partying........It's either that or I gotta find someplace to meet someone !!

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Getting old sucks!

June 11,2003
MAN Do I hurt !!.....lately my kidneys have been really painful and hurting. About three years ago they started acting I know there is a seems like urine/water just stays in the kindneys and isn't being passed to my bladder. This only happens when I'm laying down though.Turned 40 the other SUCKS !!! I had actually started feeling my age about two years ago...before that I felt sooo I was 28 (but I was actually 38) Now look.........sheeesh!!