Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hump day

Welp - "hump day" started out great... but ended up on a sour note. Derek told Amanda that Conner better not be sleeping in bed with Amanda and that he knows what hes talking about when taking care of kids. I'm like "wtf"!!! Dereks never watched or taken care of nieces or cousins like Amanda has. Anyways, I hope Derek realizes that Amanda is a wonderful and amazing mom and can do it on her own if she really wanted to, but hopefully they'll do it together as a married couple in a right way.

Poor Trudy... I guess her and another BF didn't work out. She's looking so much for that one guy, but sadly they don't really exist in Middle School. I dunno... I know that these kids get lonely... and they want someone to love em...somone to hold them... but most guys aren't really mature for that yet. Most girls are looking for that "forever" moment to spend with that guy, sure... the guys want a girl they can hang out with, to be together with,, but then they got other plans too.

Conner has become an amazing kiddo. He's starting to move around on his tummy to where he's got the moves to crawl... should be any day now! :-)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why do some people need to be envied when in reality they're actually miserable?

So I come across an interesting question on Answerbag.

Why do some people need to be envied when in reality they're actually miserable?
It just came to me because when I first meet someone they seem to be this confident person that has a drive through life. Someone that you can really look up to. But when I start to get to know more about them they don't seem to be that person at all.

So.. of course I had to answer this one:
We all want to be be needed and wanted by somebody else... to be loved. Sometimes to be accepted by someone we go thru lengths of being someone we aren't. We put up a facade of sorts. You could say the most insecure shyest individual could put up an act of being confident if he/she really wanted to. One things for sure... whether you're rich, or poor, famous or just another "joe off the street", we're all the same inside and have our day to day problems and stresses.

None of us are perfect, where all in this together... this thing called life...we all make mistakes and grow old.. and eventually before you know it, we're buried 6ft in the dirt. Thats why I've never really understood the attraction to movie stars. Sure, they make tons of money and it may appear to be glamorous but they have the same problems as you and me, maybe even more. The only difference is their job places them in front of the camera.

As humans, we appreciate honesty and truthfulness. They're internal values we cherish. If we all acted as ourselves truthfully to others as we really are, was honest and upfront towards one another a little bit more, I wonder what this world would be like?

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wish I could go back in time.

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time. To make things better. To try to make things a little more easier.
To tell Amanda even though she loves him, that Derek may not be the right guy for her and not head out to Hawaii. To tell my son not to get to involved with the games, that thier are soo many more important things in life. To warn Rhonda of what Brandie was doing, so her mom could get involved and stop her from making a mistake. To be there for Carrie, hug her and hold her, so I'd see more smiles and she'd be just a lil more happier. To get more involved with my niece and warn her the relationships are gonna hurt because most guys are way too damm immature in middle school, and to guard your heart more. 
Yeah... I wish I could go back just a few years... just back a few maybe to 2003 :-)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Poor kiddo

Welp (I like that word btw!.. if it's really a word!) so it's official. Some guys can be real jackasses. Skylar, a FB friend IM'd me and told me a friend of hers accused of making a fake FB page to get attention. Well... that would've been fine by me.. but he continued on and told her she was a slut and a big fat bitch. She was so upset she was crying, and that got me upset and pissed.

I've never met Skylar or Lexi personally, but they're real good smart kids, and neither of em need that crap thrown at them. I told Skylar, even if she was close to him before, he's a total jackass now. Anyone who puts down somebody like that deserves to be slapped so hard he won't be able to taste for a week. She got a kick out of that and was laughin so hard she was crying. Which made me feel better. These kids deserve so much better. Thankfully they have a real cool mom. I know that sounds weird coming from an ol man like me, but she is! Skylar told me SHE was the one who set up their FB profiles... I mean..what a cool mom. :-)

Anyways - Don't really know whats going on with my other "niece", but we haven't really talked at all this week...she was on FB today, but we only chatted for a few min. Prob another guy has her attention... she'll prob fall for him and gt hurt just like she did with Cody.... sheesh!.. these kids man.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Great fun day

So yesterday I headed down to Snug Harbor to watch the Superbowl. Bobby had to work, but Jim and Sam was off. I needed to get out of the house and it helped out. Vickys' comments to Amanda about trying to leave Derek were really getting to much for me and stressing me out.
Anyways I had a fun time. It was Green Bay vs the Steelers. I'm a Steeler fan at heart as i used to watch them when I was a kid. But this time just because EVERYONE else was going for the Steelers I decided to go for the Packers. I told Mike, Skylar and a few FB friends that Green Bay was going to win by 6 points. And they did!! The final score was 25-31 Green Bay. I never called a game right like that! :-) The halftime show with the Black Eye Peas were ok. They didn't sound right first of all, and Fergies mic was messin up.

When I first got down there I had alot of pent up energy, prob from wanting to get outta of the house here and wanting to see Bri and Trudy. I didn't really get to spend time with Bri as she was busy with Sam and Arianna. Trudy and me hit the trampoline and had a blast. Man I love that thing!! You get a good workout, and at the same time it makes u feel like a kid again.

Trudy was really lovable and was being fun yesterday. While she, Sam, Jim and I were watching the game I was helping her edit some pics she had just took earlier. I didn't realize it till I got home, but my niece has really gotten so beautiful. Just hope she keeps doing great in school, and doesn't get distracted too much with the guys in school. Something tells me it's gonna be really tough for her when she hits High School. :-/ Huh!... you think I'm protective of you now girl... just wait! LOL
When I say beautiful, yes... she is on the outside, but even more in the heart. She's been thru alot with her friends in the past few months, arguments, and fights, but she said she wants to "wipe the slate clean" and start new. That statement made me think that she's gotten really mature and cares for her friends. Smart kiddo, very very smart :-D

Friday, February 4, 2011

They're like making a cake :-)

One of my favorite sayings is this: "diamonds, babies, relationships.... some of the most precious things take the longest to make"
Yeah.. it's true. When it comes to relationships, whether it's best friends, boyfriend/girlfiend, or full out marriages, take your time in each of them to make them work.

When you're in a relationship you got to take your time in measuring the ingredients first and slowly let it grow. If you rush and don't take your time with it, you may not end up with something worth having or keeping.

So.. I mentioned ingredients huh? Well.. in every relationship, whether it's in high school dating, or full fledge marriage, there are important pieces or ingredients to the relationship to make them work.

1 Communication (baking powder)
2. Teamwork  (salt)
3. Forgiveness  (sugar)
4. Understanding (eggs)
5. Commitment  (milk)
6. and finally .. love  (flour)

There's one thing you may be asking. "Hey...where's the sex? I mean there's sex in a relationship... right?"
Well, that's true BUT, it's not really an ingredient, but more like the results of mixing all the ingredients up & baking the cake. It's the enjoyment you get when eating the cake.

If any of these ingredients in a relationship are missing or you rush it, you may have difficulties working it out, and it may not end up making it. What was supposed to be a cake may end up being tossed out. You may end up being heartbroken.

If you take your time, use all the ingredients right, you'll have a relationship more beautiful, longer lasting, savor & love every moment with that person.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A sad day for my niece and her bestfriend

Wow - so another drama filled day on FB. My niece of mine must have said something mean to a another freind of her's. Now Julia took offense to that, and told Trudy to "back off" from her and has broken her friendship with her.

I understand that it hurts when someone says something to a friend of yours, and I know you'd want to be there for that person who got insulted... I mean I would also....but to hate that person who made the insult, and break off ur friendship with them is obsurd. If I broke off a a friendship with someone who insutled one of my friends... I prob wouldn't have any friends left!! whatever they said to each other.. thats between those two and doesn't really involve me.

Sheesh - this drama gets too much.. this isn't what they should be going thru.
I worry bout these kids. I want em to be happy, to be around friends and family who care bout good in school and have a good future for themselves.