Friday, September 9, 2005

A visit to Brandies's been a good weekend, I brought Amanda to work on Saturday, she impressed me - she was tired but held thru the whole eight hours from 7am -3pm !!.....She was helping keep a break list, and listening in on the phones. LOL - Tabatha even asked if she was to start working here ! lol

Sunday we went down to visit Brandie. It surprised me - she really hasn't changed that much - the baby's name is Megan and she is soo beautiful. She slept most of the time we were there. Brandies boyfriend, Wes and her have been going out for about two years now - It was tough for me though - Brandie is only 15 and just too young to have a baby. Back when we living in Hertford, I had a dream about Brandie getting pregnant. That's when I started telling her to "Be Careful !" - two years later look what happened. I'll always care for her though. She looked really tired though because the baby's been keeping her up at night,

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Teen having a baby

Amanda had talked to Brandie yesterday. Her baby is due i think on the 5th ?. Oh man that is so depressing....she's only 15. Amanda wants to go down and visit her. I don't know if I want to go - I mean I'd like to visit Brandie - but not in the condition she's in. I blame alot on me on what has come about cause I should've told Rhonda what Brandie and Ted were doing.
FOOTNOTE: This year there has already been 5 hurricanes in the season, 3 which have hit the US mainland - One of those, hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans - there is major flooding which is caused by the levees breaking. They're expecting over 500 dead.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Just make the customers happy - sheesh!

I've been working at Geeks for over a year and a half ! WOW!....It's a decent job with 10 an hr, but the franchises need to straighten some techs out there. Every day more and more customers are calling in saying the tech did not finish the job, or that there computer is still not working. More and more requests are coming in from techs in the field to block the days off. It's not a good sign. The company as a whole need to get rid of all these silly promos (Geek bucks, Special offer deal, etc) and just conduct professional service. Just concentrate on the basics. Make the repair to the customers machine. Thats what the customer wants....If the service is done right anf the tech leaves the customer satisfied....the word will spread, customers will likely call back fort repeat service. But the way things are now...with techs calling in last minute cancellations/rescheduling....I'm considering moving on. Anyways Amanda's got me upset...she told Sue that if she had to decide between Derek and the family, she'd choose Derek....well...I guess I know where I stand :-(

Friday, August 5, 2005

Promoted & lovin it!

Hehe, Back in May I was promoted to Supervisor !....This time the position was screaming at me to take it :-).... I originally put in for it last year around June, but my schedule would allow it, thats when Laurie got it, I didn't even put it for it November, and thats when Mike got the day position, third times a charm I guess, because when they did the "streamlining". Then Daynes was leaving to continue her Restaurant Business Management degree. Thats when I again put in for the job. This time Bobby interviewed me.I'm guessing he was wanting me to apply, cause he said something to the likes of "you deserve's about time" !
Well. that was back in May....Bobby and Sam just closed on thier trailer !!....It looks really nice....I just wish Kevin & Vicky could get something like that.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Sounds like catching up on a soap opera!

Shame on me huh !?....It's been way too long for me to put an entry in my Journal !....Where should I start?...Jim and Adam are back from the Middle East, Bobby has moved out down to Snug Harbor to Sam's, Big Amanda has had her baby, and Brandies' pregnant ! Times-they-are-a changin. I happy for Becky and Kelly, and I hope that whatever decision big Amanda makes with the baby will be the right one. Whether she moves in with Paul or not. I'm really upset about Brandie....I new it would happen sooner or later, just not this soon. I mean she's only 15 and she had so many opertunities....finishing high school, going to college, hanging out with other teens.

Sunday, January 9, 2005

A new year - 2005

The New Year came and went, the holidays are over (thank God !), Vickys' still in bed half the day, Kevin is still busting his ass to keep up with the bills, Kenny is still into the games. Not much has changed....Oh yeah...Amanda had met a new friend, Abbey. I thought she was pretty cool....till she goes out with Amanda with Kevins' car, goes to Wall greens and steals a bottle of pills and gets some wine coolers....ya know....back in Dec Amanda was caught doin pot with Derek......I think for everyone that was a real eyeopener....She knows she's hanging out with the wrong crowd...what are kids coming to these days when a 21 year old dates a 15 year old?....I'm tired of the smoke and all the stress.....I gotta find a place for myself !....last year was ok.....this year is gonna be the pits......I'm sure I do it this year NO DOUBT !
Footnote: On Dec 23rd there was a massive Tsunami which hit the coasts of India , Indonesia, and the South-East Asia areas.. Over 210,000 people died and many more fatalitities are expected from disease and starvation. Another sign that we are nearing the end of this wicked system.