Friday, August 5, 2005

Promoted & lovin it!

Hehe, Back in May I was promoted to Supervisor !....This time the position was screaming at me to take it :-).... I originally put in for it last year around June, but my schedule would allow it, thats when Laurie got it, I didn't even put it for it November, and thats when Mike got the day position, third times a charm I guess, because when they did the "streamlining". Then Daynes was leaving to continue her Restaurant Business Management degree. Thats when I again put in for the job. This time Bobby interviewed me.I'm guessing he was wanting me to apply, cause he said something to the likes of "you deserve's about time" !
Well. that was back in May....Bobby and Sam just closed on thier trailer !!....It looks really nice....I just wish Kevin & Vicky could get something like that.

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