Tuesday, September 30, 2003

A new friend

Sept 30th, 2003
I’m starting to hang around Jennifer’s a lot more……she’s so cool, relaxed and fun to hang around with. She's so happy-go-lucky. Kinda reminds me of the way I used to be. I wouldn’t mind going out with her but it’s the age difference that bothers me. I mean I’m 40 and she’s just turning 29. AND she keeps joking around about my age !!
I know she likes to tease me about it but it makes me wonder what she thinks about me. She’s got two kids, Hannah & William “BB” (Billy). They’re real good kids. BB is the kind nice kid who’s polite but can blow his mom off in a second ! Hannah is a lil active rambunctious girl….I think she’s going to turn into a tomboy !
Anyway I like her but I don’t want to hurt her because of my plans so I’m not gonna get to close. Speaking of my plans, guess they got a little postponed, huh? I still have yet to send in the payment for the life insurance. And the temp is gonna be real cold. I’m just so stressed out cause of everything…I still have a crummy p of s job at a warehouse, I really haven’t gone anywhere in the past 4 years, and I still live with Vicky & Kevin….which just isn’t right.

Friday, September 19, 2003

Rockin and rolling ! - Hurricane Isabel slams the east coast

Sept 19th, 2003
WOW!! Hurricane Isabel slammed into the Outer Banks yesterday. We got the brunt of hurricane Isabel I guess around 9pm last night when the eye passed just 90 miles west of us near Emporia, Va. Nobody really freaked out. We had lost power REALLY early around 9am and didn’t get electricity till about 10 at night. I still can't figure that out!! . (I was worried about the food in the fridge)
The apartments took the winds pretty good. Some minor damage like shingles and siding ripped off from the high winds. (With the power out I was worried about the food in the fridge) Kenny & Amanda didn't freak out…....we played a couple of board games and we took a real brisk walk in the high winds and actually had fun !

Most of the area is affected by damage from all the flooding, downed trees, power lines, and structural damage. There are a total of 9 fatalities due to the storm. The Wray Gang, who lives down in Hertford, lost their house by a huge Oak tree landing thru the house...it went through all three stories! They're not handling it very good.

We're all fine up here in Chesapeake.....I think I'd still go thru an earthquake any day....(It's the "waiting" for the Hurricane I don't like !!)

Friday, September 12, 2003

A long talk with my daughter

Sept 12th, 2003
A lot has happened in the past month or so. The worst was when I had walked in on Brandon and Amanda having sex. I was shocked, surprised, upset and mad all at the same time. I wanted to shove Brandon thru the wall into the next town….but was too shocked to do anything. Amanda new I was very upset….I couldn’t even look at her for a few days.
Afterward, we sat down and I asked her how she thought I felt….she new I was very upset to what had happened, and she said she knew she made a mistake. We hugged for awhile, but I know she’ not going to be happy cause we’ve decided on her and Brandon not seeing each other for a while….she’s going to be stressed out cause of her being so attached to him because of having sex and being so close…..she’s already missing him…….what she doesn’t understand is that she is still so young she’s only 14, not 18, not 21….so many thing can happen just in a few years.
Amanda has to ask herself, will she be with Brandon in a year ? Will she be in school and be seeing another boy? Will the family have moved up to Illinois ?...What about her future, her career, what does she want to do for the rest of her life? These are questions she has to ask herself.
She needs to know that at her age things change real fast….just a year and a half ago she was good friends with Jennifer, Brandie & Leah….now she’s changed and are no longer close to them as much….the same could happen with Brandon…and that’s where her heart will get hurt. It's really tough knowing she won't listen and go thru that.