Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's tough to be round someone like that

So I guess I am one of those guys who isn't part of the norm. I forgive too easily, live life a little less seriously and am still good friends with my ex. Yeah... I love her and care for her but not IN love with her. We've been thru alot, and I hope her and Kevin last forever, but she hasn't been taken care of herself.

I mean when you have a heart attack at the age of 41 and the doctor advises you to exercise, quit smoking and eat a better diet or you'll die early I think I'd be following my doctors advice!
I guess thats one of the issues I have with her. She's not taking better care of herself. Still spending money of cigs she can't afford. She hasn't bothered to improve her life and that bothers me. It's tough to be around someone you care bout when they don't seem to care bout themselves.