Saturday, April 1, 2006

Changes at Geeks On Call but a warm & fuzzy feeling!

Yes - I did type 2006 !!.. WOW !!... I've been a little lazy about my entries lately. Alot have been going on - Becky went thru her prolapse surgery back in March, and she's still doped up from all the meds she's taking. Vicky hasn't really changed, still out cold from the meds and staying awake all night. The other day she fell off the bed and slammed her head into the table. I was laughing on the inside, but left a big huge welt on her forehead. Me and Amanda have more or less been running the house in the afternoon. Amanda has impressed me soo much lately, with the way she helps out. I just wish she could get a job and help herself out. :-).. But I'm soo proud of her. Kenny on the other hand is into the games way too much. Kingdom Hearts II was just released the other day. Before that I never heard the end of it. LOL
Lots...and i mean LOTS of changes at work....back in the last week of February there was alot of "Streamlining" by Richard Cole.
We lost 7 people in the call center alone, including Laurie and Duane... also Mike Vanderslice, Jason Head, Dorothy (will sorely miss her smile !), and Cheryl Freely... They'll all be missed :-(..... We've organized everything into teams now... which I thought should've been done a while back...Rick, Christine, Brian Fiddler and Alan as Team Leads.... with me as an "Entity" all by myself !!... That's how Bobby quotes it in an email he sent out. Kinda made me feel all warm and fuzzy the way he said it "...Shannon Linquist will continue in the role he has carved out for himself. His position title is now “System coordinator” and his position out on the floor should be considered to be one of equal authority and responsibility as the four team leads. A lot of what Shannon does is behind the scenes – large scale appointment scheduling, block scheduling, special odd-ball request scheduling. His role will continue to expand to include more work distribution / task distribution like things.".... I LOVE THIS JOB !!!