Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Employment again

Hey!.. I got a job through AppleOne employment with Amerigroup Health. There is a HUGE amount of money going through this corporation. Amerigroup is a Medicaid provider and we all know that’s a state funded program. Very nice!
Anyways, I’m part of a temp team till April for “Welcome Calls”. Calling newly enrolled members in Medicaid welcoming them to Amerigroup and informing them about the benefits. It’s an easy job….kinda fun, but at the same time some people are really just too busy during the day to listen about Amerigroup services when they’re working, driving, taking the kids the doctors, or got their hands full with the babies already. I think the program is a great opportunity to show everyone that “hey…we care enough to call you… to let you know what your health benefits are”, but ya start to wonder where those taxpayers monies are going.