Friday, January 26, 2007

An issue with debt

Vicky and Kevin were freaking out earlier, they were worried that the Dodge Van or the Malibu were going to get repo'd sometime this week, but it looks like Kevin did some smooth talking, and they have another month to keep the vehicles. I've always told Vicky I think them buying another brand new car would put them in the hole and would kill them as far as money was concerned. Bobby and Sam arrived here just a little while ago. Bobby was talkin about smoking up.... which pissed me off.... all these kids depend too much on that stuff... I mean it doesn't improve their lives does it ?.. too much of anything can mess up you lives.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My daughters' getting into trouble

Amanda & Bri are pissing me off - I've been over at Kevin & Vickie's' for the past week because of the brake problem with the Honda.... and for EVERY SINGLE NIGHT they have gone off and partied.... I'm not very happy at all with Amanda.... I thought she would be responsible, get a job, earn some decent money for herself, and maybe save up for a car, Cd's, a decent stereo even... to where she could bye something for herself on her own !... but the only thing on her "best friends" mind is getting high all the time.

Monday, January 15, 2007

A hate and love relationship?

Can you hate someone and at the same time care for them? This is something thats been going thru my mind ever since Bri ran away from her home.... and it's really annoying me... all she ever is doing is getting high of pot... and it's really pissing me offI mean I care & love her but she's getting nowhere fast in her life.....Her life isn't adding up to much so far....and it's starting to rub off on Amanda also.