Sunday, October 17, 2004

Just a random day

Oct 17th, 2004
Amanda R left last month and it seems really quite around here without her being here. I guess it was the phones constantly going off !!....ha !. Anyways not much has been going on...except Tim sleeping over here alot more....all he needs to do now is bring his bags over and it'll be like before. Vicky and lil Amanda has been getting on my nerves lately. Vicky & Kevin have decided to let Amanda L smoke inside the house.....which really ticks me off !! allowing her to smoke in the house and in front of everyone that's an approval thing.....AND I SURE AS HELL DON'T APPROVE OF HER SMOKING !.....guess it's too late now . Last night three girls which Bobby knows got "alcohol poisoning" (speculation as of now). Three Chesapeake cops and an ambulance showed up. One of the girls kept passing out. The third girl, Jennifer, had taken off with 5 guys (which is really scary !)...I mean what could of happened.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Big Amanda leaving

Sep 18th, 2004
Well, I was hoping this day wouldn't come. Last month Amanda (big) made the decision of moving out down to Florida to her Moms'. Everyone's going to be in such a mess today. ... ...She's moving because there's barely any room for her and the baby, and the swing, and the crib, and all the other things that come with a baby. I'm just really going to miss her so much. She's one of those people who distance themselves because they've been hurt too many times. I guess that's the reason why I find myself caring about her alot. Anyways I hope everything goes good down in Fla for her. I don't know if she realizes that it's going to be a rough few months after the baby's born. I mean there's a helluva lot more people to help her out here.....and there's just her Mom and John to helps her out down there. But I do know one thing for sure......that she'll make a great & wonderful Mom.....and who knows !........maybe this baby will be the best thing that's happended to her.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

A good heart

July 25, 2004
I'm sooo depressed, but yet laughing on the inside. Amanda & Vicky drove down and picked up Brandon yesterday.It's just 9:00 and Brandons' already starting to bounce around the walls! I can just see the is gonna be a REAL fun week for Amanda !! ha ! lol !! But ya know, I think this will be good for her though. She needs someone close to give her hugs any time she needs them. And her lil brother is just the person. She's taking him to Kings Dominion today after that 15hr drive yesterday !! yikes!...she's gonna drop dead when they get back ! She's being really sweet and taking Kenny and Amanda too....well at least Kenny....Amanda doesn't want to go. Which bothers me. She doesn't get into any family functions at all any more. I think this thing with Derek is going a lil to far. If it goes to the point...where nothing else matters...not even Family I've gotta sit down and talk with her.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Being concerned or being nosy?

Aug 10th, 2004
Oh man !!....the other day Amanda (lil) saw Bobby & Tiffany holding hands walking down the sidewalk smiling at each other. Amanda was bothered by it, let Vicky know what was going on. Vicky had let Becky know what happened and Becky confronted Bobby....then ALL HELL broke loose.Now Bobby is real pissed at Amanda and is saying that she is lying about it. When we had picked up Sam it was bought up just momentarily and Sam surprised me when she said she didn't see no reason why Amanda would lie.Especially when Rachael and me saw him & Tiffany down at the pool playing around in the water ! I just think Bobby needs to control himself and realize how good he's got it with Sam. She's a smart girl and has a good head on her shoulder.

Saturday, July 3, 2004

Good friends moving away

Aug 3rd, 2004
Wow !...I was pretty busy last week, a lil overtime at work, sayin goodbye to Janet, Graham and Megan, and driving Brandon back down to SC with Amanda (big). I'm gonna miss Janet and the gang....they were real good people, she was real cool.
Amanda was in tears when we dropped off Brandon in Manning, SC. She loves Brandon so much. You know she'll make a great mother. She's got a real good heart. I know she's hurting & lonely inside. I mean I can see why, she's been dumped twice !!.She deserves alot more. I wanna hug her so bad, just to let her know that " a friend I care for you...alot".anyways ...back to work :-)

"Cha cha changes"

Jul 3rd, 2004
Things are going pretty good. With the job at GOC (Geeks on Call) Duane has moved me in the back of the office. It's supposed to be a compliment, being that I don't need any supervision, BUT....I don't really have anyone besides Erin and James to talk to....kinda sucks, I miss just turning around and talking to Nichole or Bobby. I feel real good about working there though. I mean the company is expanding at an exponential rate !! Amanda just got her first ultrasound. The outline of the baby is really clear, it's about 2 1/2" long and you can see the arms and legs already developing. It's so neat. When you see a picture like that you realize how amazing life can be. It still blows me away that Amanda's' going to be a mom.I don't doubt she'll a real good mom....I mean she practically raised Brandon. I just hope she decides to stays her with everyone and not move out. I mean she everyone here for support.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

A decision made

June 30th, 2004
Well, I've decided to stay here and work at Gees on Call instead of going up to Washington DC and work for the TSA. Several reasons why.
1. Cost of living is just too outrageous in DC. I'd be spending more up there for rent, food util...etc...than down here
2. $13 an hour up in DC is just bout the same as $9 down here
3. Standing on my knees for 8 hours at a time just doesn't sound very appealing
4. I'm not ready financially to move up in the DC area....even if I could move in with Lisa & Todd temporally, it just wouldn't be right for me to do that to her.
5. Last year TSA laid off over 2300 screeners....I realize not EVERY job is secure these days.....but I see that Geeks is expanding rapidly (hiring 4 dispatchers in the past 2 1/2 months, Bryan making Asst Operations Manager in 2 years), while the TSA seems to be cutting back. (RIF ?).
There's the potential of me making Asst Dispatch Manager at Geeks in 2 years. Hey there are a couple of bonuses, next to the kids, the beach and a pool! Lately I've been feeling very claustrophobic in the apt...and it really has nothing to do with's just getting way to cramped in here. I find myself just going outside to escape the "close quarters" feeling. And at the same time I've been felling really lonely. I just want to be with hug or have a fun time with, to be able to laugh with.

Me and Amanda went to the Lonestar concert over at the Little Creek Amphib Base. We had a blast and Lonestar played all there great songs. We met a couple in thier 20's, Hazel & Phil, they were really cool & layed back....and they were having so much fun time with each other, joking, flirting, holding each other...and I think thats when I realized how lonely I was.....I was watching them & I don't think I've felt that way or had fun like that in a long time. We all went out at a sports bar, Amanda & Hazel sung a few songs of Karaoke. By the time we left, Amanda had gotten trashed with the shots of "Jeagermeister". She was pretty fun on the way home !....I just wish Amanda could find another way of having fun besides how she goes about it.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Two nice surprises

Jun 13, 2004
Well...Mom & Dad showed up last Fri (the 4th), they arrived real late...around 11:00pm. They were both shocked at how big the kids were. Mom seemed really excited. They spent a few minutes here at the apt then we went over and got them into the hotel room. The next morning we went over to Golden Corral for Breakfast, Mom's still not a real big fan of eggs !. After the Golden Corral the had to take off to Aunt Lynns' in WV. It was just that the visit was way too short.Until now I didn't realize how much I missed them.
GUESS WHAT ?? About 2 weeks ago big Amanda found out she was pregnant !...WOW !...I think in one way it's neat...but I know Amanda's not ready for motherhood right now and especially having a baby from Paul. (As of now he refuses to acknowledge the baby is his) She's just 23 and now she's really bummed about the whole situation. Man I wish there was some way I could help here out.It really bums me out the way she been lately.....Which brings up another moving out....I REALLY NEED to get out of here !!......between Vicky's sleeping in all day, not being able to help out big Amanda, and feeling distant from the kids and everyone else....I figure it's time for me to find a place for myself (at least a room). I love everyone here....more than some people around here realize but.....but I've been feeling so alone and distant from everyone....I just need to go out and start having fun again

Sunday, May 9, 2004

A dilemma, or "what should I do?!!!"

May 9th, 2004
It's been a real good couple of weeks for me ! I''ve been working for Geeks On Call, and I've been accepted an employment offer as an Airport Screener with the TSA. But I'm kinda in a deli ma. If I accept the TSA employment, I have to Move to Washington DC, where the cost of living is high ($2.10 for gas/$750 for a Studio Apt) and then I gotta worry about my knees keeping up for 8hrs of constant standing and turning. But then I look at the retirement. Then there's GOC, and I enjoy working there, and this job has advancement potential. Asst dispatch manager in a year and a half. I don't know, it's a difficult decision!! LOL! Mom & Dad are coming out in June....which is really cool....I haven't seen Mom in about 5 years.

Thursday, April 1, 2004

A child distraught

April 1, 2004
The other day Donna had called saying that Jennifer had ran away....SOOooo Vicky had asked me to drive her over we walked thru the door thier was Jennifer sitting crying on the steps. Great!! thats not what I really wanted to see. About a half-hour later as Vicky and Donna were outside discussing what the "problem" was, I sat down with Jenn after she got out of the bathroom, and thats when i saw the cuts on her wrists. she had tried cutting herself. I saw them then got very upset. I don't know what to do....I can't do anything and i feel so helpless.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

A new job!!

March 18, 2004
Well, things are looking slightly better now......I use the word slightly cause Vicky & Kevin are still hurting financially wise ("borrowing Peter to pay Paul"). GOD....I hate that saying ! cliche !....anyway....I GOT A JOB !!!....finally something decent....and fun!!....I'm working for "Geeks on Call" a nationwide on-site computer service franchise that covers from DC to Florida to Texas and states in between. I had just started Wed and it's looks pretty promising. I work as a dispatcher receiving calls from customers who have problems with their computers and dispatch technicians to homes.

Friday, February 6, 2004

So many things!

Feb 26th, 2004
WOW lots of stuff happenin !!! Things aren't looking to bright lately as far as "bringin in the bacon". Kevin just quit his job from "Tidewater Deck & Fence" cause Don hasn't paid him in a week and has been screwin with him as far as money is concerned. Kevin is sooo stressed out. I really worry about him. He thinks this (The money problems) is all his fault....but it's not. I keep telling him this is just temporary and that things will turn around soon....I mean they always do! Plus the TSA airport screener position is looking very promising. (Hopefully !)

Tim left last week to help Lyle up in Minnesota driving the truck. Only thing is Tim already screwed up! They were at a truck stop and Lyle was inside while Tim was in the truck....and another driver needed the truck move so he could get out...sooo Tim decides he could back up out of the prob right ?...WRONG !....Tim ends up backing into another truck and bashing in a fender !....ohhh man Trudy is pissed !....(I'm laughing on the inside though !! )

I was chattin with Amy the other night and I could tell that something was wrong...(Isn't that strange how you can tell someone is upset over the internet not even seeing their face ?) Anyway...come to find out she had been cornered by her best friends father outside and tried to kiss and touch her.....she got out of the situation..(thank God !) and called the Amy's best friend is now resenting her for doing that to her father. Sorry.....but the ol man needs to get his ass straightend out. I'm really feeling for Amy though...she keeps losing friends....I told her that I'd always be here for her....cause she was here for me last year.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

A new year

Jan 27th, 2004
I've seemed to get Jennifer very upset with me because I haven't called her every day. I don't know....I guess it's me but I don't see a reason to call EVERY SINGLE DAY just to say "'s it's your day....etc"'s just seems to mundane. I like calling when there's somerthing exciting to talk about....something really funny or upsetting....somethin like that...ya know ?

I've been keepin in touch with Amy (my "buddy" up in Cinncinati).....we've been sendin emails' back & forth to each other....she's really cool.......she's doin alot better since last summer (when her friends commited suicide)....wouldn't mind giving her a big hug just to help her out. Sometimes she seems like she gets really stressed alot of things are on her mind. It really bothers me.

Amanda (Big) broke up with Paul....actually HE broke up with HER....and she's takin it really hard. He seemed like a really great guy....he's got a good career goin, and seemed like he really loved Amanda and cared about her. Or at least it seemed that way....then one day Paul tells her "he's to busy to get involved in a relationship".
WHAT A JACKASS !!! Now Amanda is blaming it all on herself. She has to understand that she deserves alot more...she's got a good heart....and I hope the right guy comes around for her, someone that really loves and cares for her. Right now she's soo lonely. It really bothers me because I want to give her a hug or a shoulder to lean on but it's difficult to approach her she keeps a distance with her family.....AND THAT BOTHERS ME.
If anyone can & should give support it's your family & friends.