Sunday, July 25, 2004

A good heart

July 25, 2004
I'm sooo depressed, but yet laughing on the inside. Amanda & Vicky drove down and picked up Brandon yesterday.It's just 9:00 and Brandons' already starting to bounce around the walls! I can just see the is gonna be a REAL fun week for Amanda !! ha ! lol !! But ya know, I think this will be good for her though. She needs someone close to give her hugs any time she needs them. And her lil brother is just the person. She's taking him to Kings Dominion today after that 15hr drive yesterday !! yikes!...she's gonna drop dead when they get back ! She's being really sweet and taking Kenny and Amanda too....well at least Kenny....Amanda doesn't want to go. Which bothers me. She doesn't get into any family functions at all any more. I think this thing with Derek is going a lil to far. If it goes to the point...where nothing else matters...not even Family I've gotta sit down and talk with her.

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