Saturday, July 10, 2004

Being concerned or being nosy?

Aug 10th, 2004
Oh man !!....the other day Amanda (lil) saw Bobby & Tiffany holding hands walking down the sidewalk smiling at each other. Amanda was bothered by it, let Vicky know what was going on. Vicky had let Becky know what happened and Becky confronted Bobby....then ALL HELL broke loose.Now Bobby is real pissed at Amanda and is saying that she is lying about it. When we had picked up Sam it was bought up just momentarily and Sam surprised me when she said she didn't see no reason why Amanda would lie.Especially when Rachael and me saw him & Tiffany down at the pool playing around in the water ! I just think Bobby needs to control himself and realize how good he's got it with Sam. She's a smart girl and has a good head on her shoulder.

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