Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sure its only a movie....but it happens in real life

Some of the comments in this article seem pretty cold. I' m reading this and some are like "it's only a movie...get over it" "Jack was stupid" "Rose was cold hearted not allowing Jack on the raft"
 Okay..I admit. I cried watching this scene. Sure it\'s only a movie. It\'s all visual effects and great acting, however when one sacrifices his life for another....thats the greatest love.
Think about the boyfriends/husbands in the Aurora CO shootings. They instantly covered thier loved ones to protects them for the bullets. .
Think about the heros on Flight 93 on 9/11. They heard about the other planes hitting the World Trade Centers and took action, knowing if they didn\'t more on the ground could die.. Sure its a movie, but in real life people sacrifice thier lives every day for\'s the ultimate show of love.