Thursday, June 30, 2011

A little child laid to rest

UUuugh... Attended the service for Miles Shipman who lost his life in a car accident last week. ( He was only 10 years old and had such a bright future. I hardly knew the family or Miles, but Trudy was close and thought of Miles as her brother. The service was very nice. The pastor had a good talk, quoted a few good scriptures actually.... I liked what he said about not believing that God takes children and questioned people who had that kind of thinking. Lela (Miles sister) took it the hardest. when the family came in both her and Holly (mom) were crying/very upset. That affected everyone, especially the kids. Trudy and Lexi took it really hard.
All I can do is pray for the hope we have of seeing him again - Joh 5:25-30

We went out afterwards to Andys in E-City. It was kind of a relieve and everyone relaxed a little bit more. At the service finally met Jeannie & Lexi. Jeannie is a cool gal. Always there for her kids ... that's says alot about her. :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's not right

Today I talked to Julia on Skype.... it's rare for her to call me so I knew something was going on. I saw her face and I thought it was about a guy. I thought it was a BF/GF issue. Man....was I wrong. Her mom came over to her grandparents house and yelled at Julia who was upstairs, to let the dogs out at the back porch. Well.. her mom was 10 feet from the screen door. Julia told her mom she'll be down in a min...5 minutes later, Julia comes down to let the dogs out and her mom hits her hard in the face and starts yelling at her. I was on Skype with her and I saw it. Julia was so upset and started crying.
I wanted so bad to drive down have her pack all her stuff and bring her back to Hampton. Smh!.. it pisses me off when I hear bout kids getting hit like that. Especially a girl like Julia. She's been thru alot. You can see it on her face. All i want to do is give her a hug.. thats all..nothing more... just a big hug saying "hey... I'm here for you"

It's not fair for these kids. I want to badly to take them in, just for a couple of days. I wish I had my own place again... I'd bring Trudy and Julia up her so they could have some fun and relax a little. You know.. just to escape the hillbilly atmosphere. these kids deserve so much better. Anyways.. I told Julia I'd take em bowling or skating.. something where they can smile and relax a bit.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A terrible tragedy

Well.. Thursday was a very very sad day for me. There was an accident that a family was involved in near Elizabeth City, NC. The car had 7 people in it and the driver turned to avoid a tractor and rolled. A mom, her 13 year old daughter, a friend of the daughter and 10 year old son was in the car. Miles Shipman, the 10 year old boy was ejected from the car and died immediately. The 13 year old daughter was ejected to but only suffered minor injuries. The mother broke her neck, and they're still unsure of the damage that was done.

The whole family is well known in Hertford. My niece Trudy says she loved Miles like a little brother. It's soo sad and the daughter, Lela, is still traumatized and won't accept that his brother is dead. I hardly knew the family except thru what my niece said but it's always painful sometimes to here about the death of a child. Especially because I'm a dad and uncle. It's not normal for a parent to outlive a child.

 Praying that the Shipman family recover and stay strong.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My niece doesn't think sometimes

So my niece is head over this guy and his name is Blake. He seems like a nice kiddo, but she is so infatuated with this guy that I know soon her heart is going to be crushed. She may do something that she will regret.. maybe not this guy.. maybe not the next.. but she will be so hurt, she'll end up hurting herself because of the pain. The problem with her is that she doesn't know how to balance friends with BF's. I just asked her tonight if Skylar could go swimming with us tomorrow. Skylar is a bright, smart beautiful girl who's got a real good head on her shoulders. She knows what she wants to do with her life. 

Anyways Skylar asked if would be cool if she could come down, and I thought it would be great to have her down. Today was the first time I saw her in person since we've been chatting on FB in October. Jim took the gang including me and Kelsie (Trudys) friend out to Vans which is a great Gyro/Greek restaurant and I saw Skylar there. Anyways. I told her I would love to have her out for a day swimming with Trudy tomorrow but needed to ask Bobby if it was cool, and ask trudy if she had any other plans. Trudy gave me a look like "what do you think...of course not silly" but then goes and asks if Blake could come with us. She doesn't realize that she can't spend time with her and Skylar both. It's gonna cause drama and I see that a mile away already. She's going to be ALL over Blake.. and I'm considering calling the whole thing off.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why would you leave a beautiful woman like that?

So I'm checking out the Yahoo page and there's a gorgeous blonde holding some award. She has a beautiful smile, blue eyes, and a cute button nose. I'm telling myself "OMG.. Reese is looking hot tonight".

Then I got to thinking why would a man cheat on that? I mean what was Ryan Philippe thinking when he cheated on Reese Witherspoon. Nobody cheats on her! She's beautiful on the inside as well as gorgeous.

It's happened to a few women who didn't deserve being left high and dry for someone else. Sara Evans, Jennifer Aniston, Shania Twain..etc Why would a man leave a woman like that? For another woman who isn't half as beautiful. It's like leaving a steak and lobster dinner for a Mcdonalds happy meal. It doesn't make any sense!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Welp - last week was fun

Spent the past few days in Snug Harbor with family & friends. Had a blast with Trudy and Bri. Both Bobby/Sam and Jim/Becky seem to be doing well. Went driving with my niece who drove like crazy nuts almost hitting a couple of mailboxes. But it was fun. Wish more adults could have fun like that. Anyways made a halfhearted attempt to clean the pool out which thankfully was dry but full of leaves and pine needles. I'm deactivating my FB account, because some of these kids are immature and I'm tired of the trash talk. They can work it out themselves. If they get into shit, thats their problem. IDGAF anymore.

Anyways - got it all planned out.. will be doing it when I get back from my visit with my sister in Tennessee. I just need to find a way out to the Cape as regular buses don't go out there. The Gulf Steam currents will be perfect. :-/