Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's not right

Today I talked to Julia on Skype.... it's rare for her to call me so I knew something was going on. I saw her face and I thought it was about a guy. I thought it was a BF/GF issue. Man....was I wrong. Her mom came over to her grandparents house and yelled at Julia who was upstairs, to let the dogs out at the back porch. Well.. her mom was 10 feet from the screen door. Julia told her mom she'll be down in a min...5 minutes later, Julia comes down to let the dogs out and her mom hits her hard in the face and starts yelling at her. I was on Skype with her and I saw it. Julia was so upset and started crying.
I wanted so bad to drive down have her pack all her stuff and bring her back to Hampton. Smh!.. it pisses me off when I hear bout kids getting hit like that. Especially a girl like Julia. She's been thru alot. You can see it on her face. All i want to do is give her a hug.. thats all..nothing more... just a big hug saying "hey... I'm here for you"

It's not fair for these kids. I want to badly to take them in, just for a couple of days. I wish I had my own place again... I'd bring Trudy and Julia up her so they could have some fun and relax a little. You know.. just to escape the hillbilly atmosphere. these kids deserve so much better. Anyways.. I told Julia I'd take em bowling or skating.. something where they can smile and relax a bit.

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