Sunday, June 26, 2011

A terrible tragedy

Well.. Thursday was a very very sad day for me. There was an accident that a family was involved in near Elizabeth City, NC. The car had 7 people in it and the driver turned to avoid a tractor and rolled. A mom, her 13 year old daughter, a friend of the daughter and 10 year old son was in the car. Miles Shipman, the 10 year old boy was ejected from the car and died immediately. The 13 year old daughter was ejected to but only suffered minor injuries. The mother broke her neck, and they're still unsure of the damage that was done.

The whole family is well known in Hertford. My niece Trudy says she loved Miles like a little brother. It's soo sad and the daughter, Lela, is still traumatized and won't accept that his brother is dead. I hardly knew the family except thru what my niece said but it's always painful sometimes to here about the death of a child. Especially because I'm a dad and uncle. It's not normal for a parent to outlive a child.

 Praying that the Shipman family recover and stay strong.

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