Thursday, June 30, 2011

A little child laid to rest

UUuugh... Attended the service for Miles Shipman who lost his life in a car accident last week. ( He was only 10 years old and had such a bright future. I hardly knew the family or Miles, but Trudy was close and thought of Miles as her brother. The service was very nice. The pastor had a good talk, quoted a few good scriptures actually.... I liked what he said about not believing that God takes children and questioned people who had that kind of thinking. Lela (Miles sister) took it the hardest. when the family came in both her and Holly (mom) were crying/very upset. That affected everyone, especially the kids. Trudy and Lexi took it really hard.
All I can do is pray for the hope we have of seeing him again - Joh 5:25-30

We went out afterwards to Andys in E-City. It was kind of a relieve and everyone relaxed a little bit more. At the service finally met Jeannie & Lexi. Jeannie is a cool gal. Always there for her kids ... that's says alot about her. :)

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