Saturday, June 4, 2011

Welp - last week was fun

Spent the past few days in Snug Harbor with family & friends. Had a blast with Trudy and Bri. Both Bobby/Sam and Jim/Becky seem to be doing well. Went driving with my niece who drove like crazy nuts almost hitting a couple of mailboxes. But it was fun. Wish more adults could have fun like that. Anyways made a halfhearted attempt to clean the pool out which thankfully was dry but full of leaves and pine needles. I'm deactivating my FB account, because some of these kids are immature and I'm tired of the trash talk. They can work it out themselves. If they get into shit, thats their problem. IDGAF anymore.

Anyways - got it all planned out.. will be doing it when I get back from my visit with my sister in Tennessee. I just need to find a way out to the Cape as regular buses don't go out there. The Gulf Steam currents will be perfect. :-/

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