Sunday, January 9, 2005

A new year - 2005

The New Year came and went, the holidays are over (thank God !), Vickys' still in bed half the day, Kevin is still busting his ass to keep up with the bills, Kenny is still into the games. Not much has changed....Oh yeah...Amanda had met a new friend, Abbey. I thought she was pretty cool....till she goes out with Amanda with Kevins' car, goes to Wall greens and steals a bottle of pills and gets some wine coolers....ya know....back in Dec Amanda was caught doin pot with Derek......I think for everyone that was a real eyeopener....She knows she's hanging out with the wrong crowd...what are kids coming to these days when a 21 year old dates a 15 year old?....I'm tired of the smoke and all the stress.....I gotta find a place for myself !....last year was ok.....this year is gonna be the pits......I'm sure I do it this year NO DOUBT !
Footnote: On Dec 23rd there was a massive Tsunami which hit the coasts of India , Indonesia, and the South-East Asia areas.. Over 210,000 people died and many more fatalitities are expected from disease and starvation. Another sign that we are nearing the end of this wicked system.