Tuesday, November 30, 2010

They're still young, and they've already gone thru soo much.

So I spent Saturday night and Sunday over at Jim and Beckys in E-City and had a blast with Trudy and Bri. It wasn't planned but in the shape that Becky was in, Vicky, Amanda, and I all agreed that I should spend the night to keep an eye out on Becky and her meds. I even hid the box with her drugs in the hallway closet, and she didn't even notice until the morning. Jim, Bobby, and the family really need to monitor her dosages.
Trudy sees it and it really upsets her and I'm concerned about that because no 13year old should see her own mom walking down the hallway in a semi-comatose state. I saw it in Trudy's eyes when she asked if we could take her and Bri back to Hampton. It was a sad moment....Ohh man... I feel for those kids.

I met Julia, one of Trudys friends. She's got what I call "kind eyes". They've have a kind of sorrowful look to them. I realize all these kids today have some sort of family problems and that really tugs my heart. One of Trudys friends parents are divorced, lives with her Mom and lets he daughter hang out till 10 at night (at 11 years old!). Another friends Mom has mental issues and has had to go thru psyc treatment when she through a large book at her own daughter. (I'm assuming it hit her to cause her to go to the hospital - otherwise it likely wouldn't have been reported) Yet another kid saw her own mother get killed by her father when she was 7. (this was verified by Jim) Anyways, I guess thats why I get so concerned about kids who aren't even my own. They're still young, and they've already gone thru soo much. I guess thats why I just wanna wrap my arms around them.

You know there's one thing I like that I see in these kids that I never saw when I was there age. They all seem to have a real strong bond of friendship. Especially with the girls and Trudys friends. They're never afraid to show that they care for each other. They need that love, and I guess the easiest way to get it is from friends who can relate to. Always saying I love you to each other. I think thats wonderful :-)..... we need the adults to show more compassion like that!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I can't sleep

So it's 1:00am. Amanda is sleeping soundly in bed with Conner next to her humming in his sleep. It's really cute. So why am I still awake?... I guess it's too much on my mind. Vicky and Kevin's financial situation, neither of them deciding to quit smoking, them wanting to move, me looking for a job, and to top it off... just a few kids who I worry and care for who aren't even mine.
Kids today don't get the attention they need ... and they're screaming out loud that they need it.. and nobody is listening. It often seems us parents are too busy making ends meet, paying the bills by working two jobs. How may times do parents actually sit down with their kids and help them with homework? How often do we sit down on the couch and really really talk to the?
I mean, for a 11 year old to hang out with 16-18 year olds to get the attention she wants kind of bothers me. She talks more about parties and boys than sleepovers and BFFs. When I'm spend time visiting my niece and my nieces friend wants to know when I'm coming back because she misses my hugs..that really worries me. I think I've seen more "I love you's" typed to best friends, GF's, and BF's, in one week on Facebook, than I've heard in the entire month from my family! Whats wrong with that?

Do we give our kids time to think about the future enough? I remember in high school we had "career day" where career consolers, business representatives, & teachers would go over what types of careers that were available. And we all remember career day in grammar school, when we'd tell the teacher what our dad did for a living. But what happened from 5th grade on? Somewhere along the line we get so caught up with kids with the friends, socializing, who got jumped last week at school, making sure they get their homework done, that we forget to step back and remember that in 4-7 years they'll be out in the real world.

Why do I worry about this?.. because I've already seen it.. I've seen a 15year old teen become pregnant after I warned her she needed to be very careful. . This girl is now 20 and a mom to a 5 year old daughter. I've seen a 17year old get caught up stealing prescription medications from my ex so she could sell them to make money. She's now 21, has moved a while back, cleaned up her act and is getting married next year. I saw a 17year old leave home because of her moms abuse, move into a boyfriends house, at 18 become a stripper, and get hooked on cocaine. Last time i heard she was somewhere in Arizona.

This is why I can't sleep.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wow! I love my niece!

So as I was on Facebook, I saw a comment that Trudy made that had 122 replies! So of course me being nosy... Anyways Trudy made a comment about a teacher or bus driver, "Mrs.Riddick is dumb. gosh i hate her! I want mrs. Shirley back!"

Well, this girl Skylar, told her that it was only her second week, and that she "shouldn't be talking about anybody if I were you" and then had the gall to tell Trudy that she's gonna get jumped!. Whoa!! That opened up a whole can of worms and everyone... everyone came to the defense of Trudy. Trudy kept her composure and answered soo smooth. I LOVE my niece! She's alot more mature than I thought!

Anyways - come to find out, someone had hacked into Skylars FB account, because her mom came in on the convo and vouched for her daughter.

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    • Jada London Haha.she mean aint she
      Friday at 5:37pm · 

    • Trudyy Mariie Farrar MHM! She wont even let us talk on the bus! she's a bad word i'm not going to say
      Friday at 5:38pm · 

    • Skylarr Satterfieldd it's your second day, i wouldn't be talkin' bout nobody if i were you.
      Friday at 5:39pm · 

    • Trudyy Mariie Farrar That's if you were me. i'm me(: Thanks.
      Friday at 5:40pm · 

    • Skylarr Satterfieldd Haha , your gonna get jumped next week, and i'ma be WEAKK. !
      Friday at 5:41pm · 

    • Kaitlyn Birch mrs.shirley is our bus driver now, haha
      Friday at 5:41pm · 

    • Trudyy Mariie Farrar Kaitlyn, meany head(:
      Skylar, see that's you. You always say i start crap. it's you. goshh. stop talking to me.

      Friday at 5:42pm · 

    • Kaitlyn Birch Ahha. wow, im not az meany head!!
      Friday at 5:43pm · 

    • Skylarr Satterfieldd I mean, I'm just givin' you a heads up.
      Because , it's gonna happen.
      That's why you should've just stayed at ec.
      People in the highschool are talkin' bout you,
      & you don't even go there.!

      Friday at 5:46pm · 

    • Trudyy Mariie Farrar Welp, that's there problem , not mine. I'm not going to get jumped. thanks. bye.
      Friday at 5:47pm · 

    • Skylarr Satterfieldd Yuss , you are.
      Sorry to tell you.
      But , you willll.

      Friday at 5:48pm · 

    • Trudyy Mariie Farrar Ok. by who?
      Yeah. you wont tell me. and if i do i have people. and i'm positive Lexii will help.

      Friday at 5:49pm · 

    • Skylarr Satterfieldd Naah.
      I dunno by who,
      but i know it's
      gonna happen.

      Friday at 5:50pm · 

    • Trudyy Mariie Farrar Ha. ok. and well . that's just starting drama. i don't care.
      Friday at 5:50pm · 

    • Skylarr Satterfieldd 
      Whatever, you think.
      But ,
      your getting jumped.
      ...See More

      Friday at 5:51pm · 

    • Daisy Reynolds Radzick Trudy, if u and this girl don't get along and she just torments u then y don't u delete her? I would.
      Friday at 5:52pm · 

    • Skylarr Satterfieldd Because that's pointless.

      Friday at 5:52pm · 

    • Trudyy Mariie Farrar Ha. ok . whatever. dang, i don't care. i don't even fight . kay? kay. I actually go to shurch and i don't want to sin anymore then i already have . thanks
      Friday at 5:52pm · 

    • Courtney Mae trudy is not gonna get jumped, everybody loved her a ec. and you are just gonna start crap saying she is gonna get jumped, she is just talking about a stupid bus driver whoopty doo not a big deal (:
      i love you tryudy ♥ (:

      Friday at 5:52pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Courtney Mae trudy*

      Friday at 5:52pm · 

    • Skylarr Satterfieldd Everybody loved her in EC. Not in PQ. She doesn't fit in.
      At all. Like forreaaalll.

      Friday at 5:53pm · 

    • Courtney Mae acually she does, i dont know what your talking about . i hear like GOD things from everybody about her. what do you know,. you jjust started going there .
      Friday at 5:54pm ·  ·  1 person

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nice to have her home

Nice to have her home :-)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Amandas coming home delayed

Well... if she hadn't of missed her flight, Amanda would've been in Atlanta for the past two hours waiting for her connection to Newport News, but because of a traffic jam from a bad accident, she was 20 minutes late. I so wish I was out there just to drive he back her. On FB she says she can't wait to come back home ;-/  I'll only be happy when I'm holding my daughter in my arms. Yup.. I miss her.

Anyways .. so I took advantage of the situation and cleaned up the room that she'll be staying in for the next two months, and moving the boxes into storage. BUT... just like a typical female, Vicky wanted to see what was in the boxes. Almost every box that I bought down, she wanted to keep in the house. Why?.. why?  Some of the boxes were just junk, and she hasn't seen them in two years. How do you miss and want something that you have'nt seen in two years?.. I can't figure that out

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A couple days with Bobby and Sam

So I just got back from spending a couple of days with Bobby and Sam. I was a nice visit, and got to spend time with Ariana. Man is she getting smart! The lil pumpkin knows the parts of her body, elbow, eye, hands, arms...etc, knows and says about 80 words, "nanna" (Bannana), shoe, hot...etc My favorite is "stop"... but when she says it, it's "top". LOL!! She is adorable. Anyways Bobbys getting over the Flu or something and he started back on nights last night. They seem to have a good marriage. They've got it working out real good. And I love em for that.

Finally got that big hug I wanted from Carrie. She's such a sweet girl. She's got a real good heart but I do worry bout her. Me and her chat on FB almost every night. We just about talk about anything from her snake, to her friends, what she likes, dislikes, her parents, boys, partying...etc
It's the last last two subjects that kind of worry me. I mean she's only 11 and she mentions partying alot. I try to avoid it as much as possible, and I end up reminding her that she's still very young. But she hangs around older teens, and thats where she gets the talk from. I just keep talking to her to get her mind of the "other stuff" she think she's missing out on.

Anyways last night while at Bobbys, I told her I'd be back and that I was going for a walk to enjoy the stars.,. which you NEVER see up here in Hampton, and as I passed her house, she was sitting on top of her moms car. I didn't recognize her at first, but she saw me, and ran up into my arms. That felt really good. The first real hug I got from her. I just hope the realizes that I do care and love her, and that I'm always going to be here if she needs to talk.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Amanda will be here soon!

Well... it's Friday Nov 12, and that mean 3 more days till I get to see and hug my daughter again! The last time she was out here was in March (see this entry : http://shannonlinquist.blogspot.com/2010/03/wonderful-visit-from-amanda-and-derek.html ) That was back when she was only 4 weeks preggo. LOL!

Holy cow does time fly. I'm soo looking to spend time with her and to help her out with Conner too.

Monday, November 8, 2010

And the week hasn't even begun!!

Ohh boy.. where do I begin? Well .. for starters we were SUPPOSED to go out to Colorado to pick up Amanda. But due to money issues, that didn't work out. So hopefully to plan B; I'll prob fly out and drive her back. Which will still be a blast! 

Jim and Bobby picked up an awesome bike. It's a Kawasaki ZR650. Similar to the Ninja line. Bobbys going to have to get used to it, as he's never ridden anything bigger than a 250. But ya know what?.... they got the thing for FREE!!... yeah..  go fugure. The guys just got remarried, and his wife told him she'll buy him another bike if he wants to get rid of it. At first they couldn't start it and thought it would need major motor work, but the only thing wrong was bad fuel!! OMG! (Yeah.. I'm jealous!!)

Well, went down to Bobby and Sams - had a blast with Arianna.and Bri. (I bought Bri, Trudy, Kenny and Cody down) Carrie came over and the first thing she asked if her and Trudy could go over to Chris'  That girl has got  realize she's not 17 and way too young to party. I mean she's ONLY 11!! She's going to get in soo much trouble... and it scares me. So I waked over to say hi to Cindy and Rusty, and found out Chris had a bunch of older friends in the back room, with the two girls... uugh.. I wasn't too happy bout that, but at least Kenny was in the room with em.

I just found out tonight that Jim & Becky have decided to move back in with Bobby/Sam - Oh my god. They're going to go back to driving each other crazy again! Poor Trudy :-(  I know she must have been REALLY upset leaving all her friends she just made and leaving Cody. Poor girl 

One of these days these kids are going to listen - don't get into relationships when you're young like that, cause they never last, and you end up getting your heart broke.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sheesh....am I some sort of psychiatrist?

Ok - so Aarons chilling in my room and talking to me about him raising his pit bull when he was younger and then he's talking to me about him riding horses when he was a kid. And then he's telling me how stressed he is about his relationship between his father and him. For some reason I suddenly felt like I was in the psychiatrist office, and I wasn't the one laying on the coach!! The guy needs to feel more confident about himself, and one of the ways to do that is to get a job. He also needs to meet and make friends. He'd prob wouldn't feel as cynical, would be more kinder, and not so challenging. He seems to always "top it off" when you tell him about what you did. Like his accomplishments are better. Thats like the worst way to have some lose interest in you. Gawd!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Some advice for todays kids

This is similar to the "Wear sunscreen" advice that was made into a song, but I wrote this is for a younger generation.

Kids, no matter what happens in life, love your Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters.
Boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go, but family will always be around when you need them the most. No matter what you do they'll always love you. They're only a "hug" away.

Guard your heart - because your heart doesn't think that the guy or girl your with now, may move on to another one next year. The heart can be selfish. It doesn't think of the consequences later on down the line. It wants to be happy now, and doesn't care what happens later. Think with your brain first, then follow with the heart.

Never stop exploring and learning. You've got amazing potential in both you mind and body. They're the most important instruments you'll ever own.

Don't read those silly beauty magazines. They depict perfect and flawless faces and bodies which have been photo shopped and edited, and which none of us can attain.

Maybe you think your too short, maybe you think you have bad teeth or you think you're overweight, but don't look too much on the outside. Real beauty comes from within. What we do and how we treat and act towards others with love, kindness, and compassion. Do this, and you'll be a thousand times more attractive than any magazine model.

Forgive the people that hurt you - forgiving is more than "not having to say I love you". Forgiving is saying that you do love that person. It's recognizing that we all make mistakes and that we'd want to be forgiven if we hurt someone else.

Don't be reckless with other people’s hearts, don't put up with people that are reckless with yours.

Understand if your parents get angry at you that’s because they're hurt and you've probably worried or scared them.  If they would ever stop yelling and stop giving direction, that’s when they would give up and don't care anymore. It’s a strange way of looking at it, but if they angry, they actually do love you.

Don't rush into a relationship too fast because your lonely. Thats the easiest way to get hurt. The most precious things on earth take the longest to make.

Pay attention in school. The teachers picked their job, not for the pay, but because they care about the future - You. Your teacher is concerned about you and they want you to have the best education possible. If you don't get it…ask questions. They're probably are 5 other classmates happy and relieved that you raised your hand. Later on in life your kids will thank you too.

Remember the compliments ones give you, forget the insults. If you find out how to do this, let me know!

Smile. You're already beautiful when you smile. And it warms the other persons heart, and it'll make yourself feel good. It'll make people suspicious and start wondering what you're up too!

Don't regret the mistakes you've made. Nobody’s perfect and we all mess up. If you start looking back and think about all the “what ifs”, you can become very depressed. When you make a mistake, move on, learn by it. Apply the experience later in life so you don't make the same mistake twice. That’s called wisdom.

Feel good about the accomplishments you make, you deserve it. But don't boast about it, especially when your friend hasn't reached that goal yet.

Respect your elders. Listen to you parents - they're a lot wiser than you think. They've already tripped, fell, and got back up again on the same road you’re on now. The only difference is that they went thru the same problems hundreds of miles before you did.

Enjoy life. It's a precious gift, and then one day, when you're talking to you grandkids on your lap, you can look back say
"yup.. those were the days" and smile.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Money issues

Oh boy - another fricking sleepless night. Whats on my mind? Well... Vicky and Kevin's bills, not because of the bills themselves, but they have SOOO many ways of lowering them and saving money.. but what do they do?... have the TV running 24 hrs a day, buy two packs of cigs every day, name brand stuff which costs at least $1.50 more, and Sue spending $80 on the lottery every other week. I give up... I'll just keep going to the store every night for each nights dinner
Another thing is I wanted to drive out to get Amanda and bing her back here... so I wait from applying to jobs 3 weeks so I can drive... what happens?... Oops.. Kevin ?&/ Vicky owe $1000 for the electric... so we can't drive out. It's ok... keep smoking and wasting money on those disgusting cigs

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Storge kind of love - Carrie

Feeling good.
Alot better than I was a few hours ago. Anyways, had a little talk to Carrie. She's a girl I almost would compare to as a second daughter.
I know how she feels down in Snug Harbor. I mean there's nothing to do, she's bored, and lonely and all she can do is think about boys. She's only 11, but she thinks like a 17 year old. She's supposed to be thinking bout sleepovers and best friends, not about boyfriends and how cute they are and partying yet!. She's very precocious and soon will be very flirty and promiscuous too. Wish I lived in E-City or Hertfordcc.. I'd be down there every other day if I could.
I just realized she reminds me alot of the way Brandie used to act, but even as boy crazy Brandie was, she was 15. BTW, I wonder Brandie is doing with her daughter? I think her daughter Meghan or Megan, would be 4 or 5 now.

Anyways, she told me she's moving out to Sacramento, CA with her Dad. I kinda had mixed feelings as I was hoping to help her out while visiting Bobby/Sam. But I really hope she gets to spend more time with her dad.
I told her, that most guys her age aren't even interested in girls yet, and if they are they're selfish because they want to make themselves happy and not the girl. I know that she's lonely, and bored and hurt.. and I told her what helps is to stay busy in school, hangout with your friends more... read books... stuff like that. I think she kind of understood because I was telling her the truth about how she felt.

I care for her alot and I'm just worried that she might get hurt if she falls for the next guy who's hot, goes out with her for a few months, then leaves. And I really get upset watching someone her age get hurt. I asked her one favor, and that was to stay in touch when she needs someone to talk to. I really hope she does.