Monday, November 15, 2010

Amandas coming home delayed

Well... if she hadn't of missed her flight, Amanda would've been in Atlanta for the past two hours waiting for her connection to Newport News, but because of a traffic jam from a bad accident, she was 20 minutes late. I so wish I was out there just to drive he back her. On FB she says she can't wait to come back home ;-/  I'll only be happy when I'm holding my daughter in my arms. Yup.. I miss her.

Anyways .. so I took advantage of the situation and cleaned up the room that she'll be staying in for the next two months, and moving the boxes into storage. BUT... just like a typical female, Vicky wanted to see what was in the boxes. Almost every box that I bought down, she wanted to keep in the house. Why?.. why?  Some of the boxes were just junk, and she hasn't seen them in two years. How do you miss and want something that you have'nt seen in two years?.. I can't figure that out

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