Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wow! I love my niece!

So as I was on Facebook, I saw a comment that Trudy made that had 122 replies! So of course me being nosy... Anyways Trudy made a comment about a teacher or bus driver, "Mrs.Riddick is dumb. gosh i hate her! I want mrs. Shirley back!"

Well, this girl Skylar, told her that it was only her second week, and that she "shouldn't be talking about anybody if I were you" and then had the gall to tell Trudy that she's gonna get jumped!. Whoa!! That opened up a whole can of worms and everyone... everyone came to the defense of Trudy. Trudy kept her composure and answered soo smooth. I LOVE my niece! She's alot more mature than I thought!

Anyways - come to find out, someone had hacked into Skylars FB account, because her mom came in on the convo and vouched for her daughter.

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    • Jada London Haha.she mean aint she
      Friday at 5:37pm · 

    • Trudyy Mariie Farrar MHM! She wont even let us talk on the bus! she's a bad word i'm not going to say
      Friday at 5:38pm · 

    • Skylarr Satterfieldd it's your second day, i wouldn't be talkin' bout nobody if i were you.
      Friday at 5:39pm · 

    • Trudyy Mariie Farrar That's if you were me. i'm me(: Thanks.
      Friday at 5:40pm · 

    • Skylarr Satterfieldd Haha , your gonna get jumped next week, and i'ma be WEAKK. !
      Friday at 5:41pm · 

    • Kaitlyn Birch mrs.shirley is our bus driver now, haha
      Friday at 5:41pm · 

    • Trudyy Mariie Farrar Kaitlyn, meany head(:
      Skylar, see that's you. You always say i start crap. it's you. goshh. stop talking to me.

      Friday at 5:42pm · 

    • Kaitlyn Birch Ahha. wow, im not az meany head!!
      Friday at 5:43pm · 

    • Skylarr Satterfieldd I mean, I'm just givin' you a heads up.
      Because , it's gonna happen.
      That's why you should've just stayed at ec.
      People in the highschool are talkin' bout you,
      & you don't even go there.!

      Friday at 5:46pm · 

    • Trudyy Mariie Farrar Welp, that's there problem , not mine. I'm not going to get jumped. thanks. bye.
      Friday at 5:47pm · 

    • Skylarr Satterfieldd Yuss , you are.
      Sorry to tell you.
      But , you willll.

      Friday at 5:48pm · 

    • Trudyy Mariie Farrar Ok. by who?
      Yeah. you wont tell me. and if i do i have people. and i'm positive Lexii will help.

      Friday at 5:49pm · 

    • Skylarr Satterfieldd Naah.
      I dunno by who,
      but i know it's
      gonna happen.

      Friday at 5:50pm · 

    • Trudyy Mariie Farrar Ha. ok. and well . that's just starting drama. i don't care.
      Friday at 5:50pm · 

    • Skylarr Satterfieldd 
      Whatever, you think.
      But ,
      your getting jumped.
      ...See More

      Friday at 5:51pm · 

    • Daisy Reynolds Radzick Trudy, if u and this girl don't get along and she just torments u then y don't u delete her? I would.
      Friday at 5:52pm · 

    • Skylarr Satterfieldd Because that's pointless.

      Friday at 5:52pm · 

    • Trudyy Mariie Farrar Ha. ok . whatever. dang, i don't care. i don't even fight . kay? kay. I actually go to shurch and i don't want to sin anymore then i already have . thanks
      Friday at 5:52pm · 

    • Courtney Mae trudy is not gonna get jumped, everybody loved her a ec. and you are just gonna start crap saying she is gonna get jumped, she is just talking about a stupid bus driver whoopty doo not a big deal (:
      i love you tryudy ♥ (:

      Friday at 5:52pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Courtney Mae trudy*

      Friday at 5:52pm · 

    • Skylarr Satterfieldd Everybody loved her in EC. Not in PQ. She doesn't fit in.
      At all. Like forreaaalll.

      Friday at 5:53pm · 

    • Courtney Mae acually she does, i dont know what your talking about . i hear like GOD things from everybody about her. what do you know,. you jjust started going there .
      Friday at 5:54pm ·  ·  1 person

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