Friday, November 5, 2010

Money issues

Oh boy - another fricking sleepless night. Whats on my mind? Well... Vicky and Kevin's bills, not because of the bills themselves, but they have SOOO many ways of lowering them and saving money.. but what do they do?... have the TV running 24 hrs a day, buy two packs of cigs every day, name brand stuff which costs at least $1.50 more, and Sue spending $80 on the lottery every other week. I give up... I'll just keep going to the store every night for each nights dinner
Another thing is I wanted to drive out to get Amanda and bing her back here... so I wait from applying to jobs 3 weeks so I can drive... what happens?... Oops.. Kevin ?&/ Vicky owe $1000 for the electric... so we can't drive out. It's ok... keep smoking and wasting money on those disgusting cigs

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