Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Upset Amanda last night

So last night Amanda & I were giving Conner a bath, he was smiling at us both while in the tub, I told Amanda that I was going to miss this when they leave. Today Vicky told me that remark really upset Amanda alot. In my heart I don't think that she really wants to leave and go back to Colorado Springs. I know I'll be upset, but I know I'll see them again in April.
So I guess that saying is true. "If you love something, let it go... if it doesn't come back it wasn't yours... if it comes back.. love if forever"

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Lil Pumkin"

The lil "pumkin" is getting sooo bug so quick! Since Amanda got out here on Nov 16th, he's grown 2" measuring 23 3/4"! He's smiling and recognizing faces now.. and holds his head up on his own. He's a car kid for sure... will fall asleep by the time you drive down the block! He's also giggled and I love him more everyday.

Love my daughter / drama with my niece

Just came back from a Walmart run with Amanda. It's 3 in the morning, I'm tired, cold, and sore from the cold, but I had so much fun with my daughter. Even at 3am she can brighten my day up. Since she's been home visiting she has been so happy and lovable. She's been an fatastic mother to Conner and a wonderful daughter. It's been along time since she has been herself, which is kind of sad, because that tells me that Derek holds her back sometimes. Anyways, she bought Conner a bouncer tonight and he's LOVIN IT!!.. LOL

Anyways I just signed in on Facebook, and was kind of bummed out. Looks like Trudy and Lexi (Trudys best friend) got in some sort of argument, and are no longer friends. I'm not sure what happened, but I thought both of them lost out on a real good thing. Seems like there's WAY too much drama going on these days. Of course, it happens mostly between the girls. You nvr see guys argue over little crap. But the girls also show alot more love too. Kind of glad some were smart to stay out of the conversation. I think both the girls still love/care for each other, but they got to see past each others differences, and knock it off with the rumors, teasing and the drama and respect each other.
Sometimes I don't know who's worse.. the kids or the adults!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Poor Amanda

Poor Amanda - this morning...actually the past two days she's been up and down with Conner and she hasn't had any sleep at all. She really needs to get Conner on a schedule

Friday, December 10, 2010

Another friend from the past

So another friends from the past caught up with me on Facebook. :-)  

Chelsea Criminger was a friend of Amandas back in Hertford in 99'. 
I remember taking Amanda to the Girl Scout meetings Thursday nights where Chelseas mom was a leader.
Back then she was 14(?). Now she's 23, married, and just yesterday revealed she's pregnant!

Holy cow where did the years go!! It's kind of depressing seeing these kids grow up so quick, but it's nice to catch up on old time.Other friends from the past- Belinda, Amanda Morgan, Jennifer Wray, Tommy. :-) Now if I could find out whats going on with Brandie now.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Poor lil kiddo

So Conner has been constipated for the past week, and been having problems with pooping his diaper. The lil "pumkin" has been wriggling and squirming in pain trying to push it out.
Amanda changed formulas and found out she was mixing formula to thick. He was finally able to poop after inserting a suppository and change formulas. YUCK!!    LOL!

Jim and Becky have finally started to move back into Sam and Bobby's. Trudy's happy and bummed out at the same time. Happy she's going back to PMS school, but bummed cause she's farther away from her BF Cody.

I know Dara is upset as well. Poor girl. She needs all the friends and support she can get considering what she's been thru. She's another kid that I'm concerned and worry about. :-/