Saturday, December 4, 2010

Poor lil kiddo

So Conner has been constipated for the past week, and been having problems with pooping his diaper. The lil "pumkin" has been wriggling and squirming in pain trying to push it out.
Amanda changed formulas and found out she was mixing formula to thick. He was finally able to poop after inserting a suppository and change formulas. YUCK!!    LOL!

Jim and Becky have finally started to move back into Sam and Bobby's. Trudy's happy and bummed out at the same time. Happy she's going back to PMS school, but bummed cause she's farther away from her BF Cody.

I know Dara is upset as well. Poor girl. She needs all the friends and support she can get considering what she's been thru. She's another kid that I'm concerned and worry about. :-/

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