Saturday, January 24, 2004

A new year

Jan 27th, 2004
I've seemed to get Jennifer very upset with me because I haven't called her every day. I don't know....I guess it's me but I don't see a reason to call EVERY SINGLE DAY just to say "'s it's your day....etc"'s just seems to mundane. I like calling when there's somerthing exciting to talk about....something really funny or upsetting....somethin like that...ya know ?

I've been keepin in touch with Amy (my "buddy" up in Cinncinati).....we've been sendin emails' back & forth to each other....she's really cool.......she's doin alot better since last summer (when her friends commited suicide)....wouldn't mind giving her a big hug just to help her out. Sometimes she seems like she gets really stressed alot of things are on her mind. It really bothers me.

Amanda (Big) broke up with Paul....actually HE broke up with HER....and she's takin it really hard. He seemed like a really great guy....he's got a good career goin, and seemed like he really loved Amanda and cared about her. Or at least it seemed that way....then one day Paul tells her "he's to busy to get involved in a relationship".
WHAT A JACKASS !!! Now Amanda is blaming it all on herself. She has to understand that she deserves alot more...she's got a good heart....and I hope the right guy comes around for her, someone that really loves and cares for her. Right now she's soo lonely. It really bothers me because I want to give her a hug or a shoulder to lean on but it's difficult to approach her she keeps a distance with her family.....AND THAT BOTHERS ME.
If anyone can & should give support it's your family & friends.