Wednesday, June 30, 2004

A decision made

June 30th, 2004
Well, I've decided to stay here and work at Gees on Call instead of going up to Washington DC and work for the TSA. Several reasons why.
1. Cost of living is just too outrageous in DC. I'd be spending more up there for rent, food util...etc...than down here
2. $13 an hour up in DC is just bout the same as $9 down here
3. Standing on my knees for 8 hours at a time just doesn't sound very appealing
4. I'm not ready financially to move up in the DC area....even if I could move in with Lisa & Todd temporally, it just wouldn't be right for me to do that to her.
5. Last year TSA laid off over 2300 screeners....I realize not EVERY job is secure these days.....but I see that Geeks is expanding rapidly (hiring 4 dispatchers in the past 2 1/2 months, Bryan making Asst Operations Manager in 2 years), while the TSA seems to be cutting back. (RIF ?).
There's the potential of me making Asst Dispatch Manager at Geeks in 2 years. Hey there are a couple of bonuses, next to the kids, the beach and a pool! Lately I've been feeling very claustrophobic in the apt...and it really has nothing to do with's just getting way to cramped in here. I find myself just going outside to escape the "close quarters" feeling. And at the same time I've been felling really lonely. I just want to be with hug or have a fun time with, to be able to laugh with.

Me and Amanda went to the Lonestar concert over at the Little Creek Amphib Base. We had a blast and Lonestar played all there great songs. We met a couple in thier 20's, Hazel & Phil, they were really cool & layed back....and they were having so much fun time with each other, joking, flirting, holding each other...and I think thats when I realized how lonely I was.....I was watching them & I don't think I've felt that way or had fun like that in a long time. We all went out at a sports bar, Amanda & Hazel sung a few songs of Karaoke. By the time we left, Amanda had gotten trashed with the shots of "Jeagermeister". She was pretty fun on the way home !....I just wish Amanda could find another way of having fun besides how she goes about it.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Two nice surprises

Jun 13, 2004
Well...Mom & Dad showed up last Fri (the 4th), they arrived real late...around 11:00pm. They were both shocked at how big the kids were. Mom seemed really excited. They spent a few minutes here at the apt then we went over and got them into the hotel room. The next morning we went over to Golden Corral for Breakfast, Mom's still not a real big fan of eggs !. After the Golden Corral the had to take off to Aunt Lynns' in WV. It was just that the visit was way too short.Until now I didn't realize how much I missed them.
GUESS WHAT ?? About 2 weeks ago big Amanda found out she was pregnant !...WOW !...I think in one way it's neat...but I know Amanda's not ready for motherhood right now and especially having a baby from Paul. (As of now he refuses to acknowledge the baby is his) She's just 23 and now she's really bummed about the whole situation. Man I wish there was some way I could help here out.It really bums me out the way she been lately.....Which brings up another moving out....I REALLY NEED to get out of here !!......between Vicky's sleeping in all day, not being able to help out big Amanda, and feeling distant from the kids and everyone else....I figure it's time for me to find a place for myself (at least a room). I love everyone here....more than some people around here realize but.....but I've been feeling so alone and distant from everyone....I just need to go out and start having fun again