Friday, December 23, 2011

Seeing it from an adults perspective

Wow!!... in a few days it'll be 2012 already!! feels like someone fast forwarded a time machine! I mean I still remember watching the Steelers and the Packers play the Superbowl back in February. "Black and Yellow"!!  :D

So I've been living down with some good family down here in Hertford, NC for the past few months. Jim and Becky are good people. My nieces Bri and Trudy are both amazing kids. Poor Bri. I really feel bad for her. We live out of town down this stretch of hwy where there are really no neighbors and no kids her age (she's 7). So the only real fun she has is spending time with her dad or her uncle. (Her mom is sick physically due to a severe stomach problem)

Trudy has her share of teen drama. She's growing up too quick. And at 14 I just realized in 4 more years she'll graduate High School. The scary thing is that she doesn't realize how quickly it'll sneak up on her. I'm worried she's not going to pass 8th. She's a smart bright kiddo, but I worry bout her future. She needs to get her priorities straight. It's not really my concern, but she's been hanging out. I know all of em she's been deeply involved with. That scares me, but I donno what to do. It's sad what these kids go thru. It may seem like your typical teen drama, but it's real with these kids. No wonder why they get depressed and get hurt.