Monday, November 8, 2010

And the week hasn't even begun!!

Ohh boy.. where do I begin? Well .. for starters we were SUPPOSED to go out to Colorado to pick up Amanda. But due to money issues, that didn't work out. So hopefully to plan B; I'll prob fly out and drive her back. Which will still be a blast! 

Jim and Bobby picked up an awesome bike. It's a Kawasaki ZR650. Similar to the Ninja line. Bobbys going to have to get used to it, as he's never ridden anything bigger than a 250. But ya know what?.... they got the thing for FREE!!... yeah..  go fugure. The guys just got remarried, and his wife told him she'll buy him another bike if he wants to get rid of it. At first they couldn't start it and thought it would need major motor work, but the only thing wrong was bad fuel!! OMG! (Yeah.. I'm jealous!!)

Well, went down to Bobby and Sams - had a blast with Arianna.and Bri. (I bought Bri, Trudy, Kenny and Cody down) Carrie came over and the first thing she asked if her and Trudy could go over to Chris'  That girl has got  realize she's not 17 and way too young to party. I mean she's ONLY 11!! She's going to get in soo much trouble... and it scares me. So I waked over to say hi to Cindy and Rusty, and found out Chris had a bunch of older friends in the back room, with the two girls... uugh.. I wasn't too happy bout that, but at least Kenny was in the room with em.

I just found out tonight that Jim & Becky have decided to move back in with Bobby/Sam - Oh my god. They're going to go back to driving each other crazy again! Poor Trudy :-(  I know she must have been REALLY upset leaving all her friends she just made and leaving Cody. Poor girl 

One of these days these kids are going to listen - don't get into relationships when you're young like that, cause they never last, and you end up getting your heart broke.

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