Sunday, May 9, 2004

A dilemma, or "what should I do?!!!"

May 9th, 2004
It's been a real good couple of weeks for me ! I''ve been working for Geeks On Call, and I've been accepted an employment offer as an Airport Screener with the TSA. But I'm kinda in a deli ma. If I accept the TSA employment, I have to Move to Washington DC, where the cost of living is high ($2.10 for gas/$750 for a Studio Apt) and then I gotta worry about my knees keeping up for 8hrs of constant standing and turning. But then I look at the retirement. Then there's GOC, and I enjoy working there, and this job has advancement potential. Asst dispatch manager in a year and a half. I don't know, it's a difficult decision!! LOL! Mom & Dad are coming out in June....which is really cool....I haven't seen Mom in about 5 years.

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