Friday, February 6, 2004

So many things!

Feb 26th, 2004
WOW lots of stuff happenin !!! Things aren't looking to bright lately as far as "bringin in the bacon". Kevin just quit his job from "Tidewater Deck & Fence" cause Don hasn't paid him in a week and has been screwin with him as far as money is concerned. Kevin is sooo stressed out. I really worry about him. He thinks this (The money problems) is all his fault....but it's not. I keep telling him this is just temporary and that things will turn around soon....I mean they always do! Plus the TSA airport screener position is looking very promising. (Hopefully !)

Tim left last week to help Lyle up in Minnesota driving the truck. Only thing is Tim already screwed up! They were at a truck stop and Lyle was inside while Tim was in the truck....and another driver needed the truck move so he could get out...sooo Tim decides he could back up out of the prob right ?...WRONG !....Tim ends up backing into another truck and bashing in a fender !....ohhh man Trudy is pissed !....(I'm laughing on the inside though !! )

I was chattin with Amy the other night and I could tell that something was wrong...(Isn't that strange how you can tell someone is upset over the internet not even seeing their face ?) Anyway...come to find out she had been cornered by her best friends father outside and tried to kiss and touch her.....she got out of the situation..(thank God !) and called the Amy's best friend is now resenting her for doing that to her father. Sorry.....but the ol man needs to get his ass straightend out. I'm really feeling for Amy though...she keeps losing friends....I told her that I'd always be here for her....cause she was here for me last year.

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