Friday, September 19, 2003

Rockin and rolling ! - Hurricane Isabel slams the east coast

Sept 19th, 2003
WOW!! Hurricane Isabel slammed into the Outer Banks yesterday. We got the brunt of hurricane Isabel I guess around 9pm last night when the eye passed just 90 miles west of us near Emporia, Va. Nobody really freaked out. We had lost power REALLY early around 9am and didn’t get electricity till about 10 at night. I still can't figure that out!! . (I was worried about the food in the fridge)
The apartments took the winds pretty good. Some minor damage like shingles and siding ripped off from the high winds. (With the power out I was worried about the food in the fridge) Kenny & Amanda didn't freak out…....we played a couple of board games and we took a real brisk walk in the high winds and actually had fun !

Most of the area is affected by damage from all the flooding, downed trees, power lines, and structural damage. There are a total of 9 fatalities due to the storm. The Wray Gang, who lives down in Hertford, lost their house by a huge Oak tree landing thru the went through all three stories! They're not handling it very good.

We're all fine up here in Chesapeake.....I think I'd still go thru an earthquake any day....(It's the "waiting" for the Hurricane I don't like !!)

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