Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Just make the customers happy - sheesh!

I've been working at Geeks for over a year and a half ! WOW!....It's a decent job with 10 an hr, but the franchises need to straighten some techs out there. Every day more and more customers are calling in saying the tech did not finish the job, or that there computer is still not working. More and more requests are coming in from techs in the field to block the days off. It's not a good sign. The company as a whole need to get rid of all these silly promos (Geek bucks, Special offer deal, etc) and just conduct professional service. Just concentrate on the basics. Make the repair to the customers machine. Thats what the customer wants....If the service is done right anf the tech leaves the customer satisfied....the word will spread, customers will likely call back fort repeat service. But the way things are now...with techs calling in last minute cancellations/rescheduling....I'm considering moving on. Anyways Amanda's got me upset...she told Sue that if she had to decide between Derek and the family, she'd choose Derek....well...I guess I know where I stand :-(

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