Friday, February 11, 2011

Poor kiddo

Welp (I like that word btw!.. if it's really a word!) so it's official. Some guys can be real jackasses. Skylar, a FB friend IM'd me and told me a friend of hers accused of making a fake FB page to get attention. Well... that would've been fine by me.. but he continued on and told her she was a slut and a big fat bitch. She was so upset she was crying, and that got me upset and pissed.

I've never met Skylar or Lexi personally, but they're real good smart kids, and neither of em need that crap thrown at them. I told Skylar, even if she was close to him before, he's a total jackass now. Anyone who puts down somebody like that deserves to be slapped so hard he won't be able to taste for a week. She got a kick out of that and was laughin so hard she was crying. Which made me feel better. These kids deserve so much better. Thankfully they have a real cool mom. I know that sounds weird coming from an ol man like me, but she is! Skylar told me SHE was the one who set up their FB profiles... I mean..what a cool mom. :-)

Anyways - Don't really know whats going on with my other "niece", but we haven't really talked at all this week...she was on FB today, but we only chatted for a few min. Prob another guy has her attention... she'll prob fall for him and gt hurt just like she did with Cody.... sheesh!.. these kids man.

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