Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A sad day for my niece and her bestfriend

Wow - so another drama filled day on FB. My niece of mine must have said something mean to a another freind of her's. Now Julia took offense to that, and told Trudy to "back off" from her and has broken her friendship with her.

I understand that it hurts when someone says something to a friend of yours, and I know you'd want to be there for that person who got insulted... I mean I would also....but to hate that person who made the insult, and break off ur friendship with them is obsurd. If I broke off a a friendship with someone who insutled one of my friends... I prob wouldn't have any friends left!! whatever they said to each other.. thats between those two and doesn't really involve me.

Sheesh - this drama gets too much.. this isn't what they should be going thru.
I worry bout these kids. I want em to be happy, to smile.....to be around friends and family who care bout them....do good in school and have a good future for themselves.

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