Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hump day

Welp - "hump day" started out great... but ended up on a sour note. Derek told Amanda that Conner better not be sleeping in bed with Amanda and that he knows what hes talking about when taking care of kids. I'm like "wtf"!!! Dereks never watched or taken care of nieces or cousins like Amanda has. Anyways, I hope Derek realizes that Amanda is a wonderful and amazing mom and can do it on her own if she really wanted to, but hopefully they'll do it together as a married couple in a right way.

Poor Trudy... I guess her and another BF didn't work out. She's looking so much for that one guy, but sadly they don't really exist in Middle School. I dunno... I know that these kids get lonely... and they want someone to love em...somone to hold them... but most guys aren't really mature for that yet. Most girls are looking for that "forever" moment to spend with that guy, sure... the guys want a girl they can hang out with, to be together with,, but then they got other plans too.

Conner has become an amazing kiddo. He's starting to move around on his tummy to where he's got the moves to crawl... should be any day now! :-)

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