Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another fun drama filled day!

Welp... was pretty much a quiet day... with the exception of Vicky yelling at Sue... BOY!!.. I feel the love round the house... feel the love!! LOL Anyways, on FB....the kids prob talking bout the drama at school.... or being too sick to go to school :-( Seems like one mother has got pneumonia, and her two daughters are sick as well. (I really do hope hey don't have pneumonia though)
Another kid has had a on/off again migraine for the past 3 days :-( poor kids... they have to deal with classes, grades, drama at school, then getting sick on top of that.) Goofy was having issues with Toni down the street... dunno why..but she texted me at 2:45pm... which meant whatever happened it happened at school. Julia had some weirdo guy stalking her.. and her mom called the police to file a report. I'm very happy bout that... the kids got enough crap on their plate to worry bout who to trust. Poor kids ... way too much drama.

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