Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lessons learned, frustrated & hurt

Well... three lessons I learned today.
1. Never hack into someone else's FB or email account...ever. Even if your friends give
 u the password. because sooner or later, if you ever do, that trust has been damaged and will take a very long time to build that trust back up. (lesson for Toni)

2. Sometimes friends do weird things like hang up in the middle of a chat session... ok, so maybe they didn't have the courtesy to say goodbye. Maybe their computer went on the blitz or they're having internet problems.. Don't get mad them, because you don't know all the details. (lesson for me)

3. You can talk to kids till ur blue in the face about relationships, and guys, and to avoid them till ur grown up a little more... but they won't listen... cause they feel they need to be in one... then they wonder why they get hurt. So... I guess u got to stand back and let them take the hits to their hearts. (lesson for the kids)

4. Be careful about caring too much for kids that aren't your own. Because apparently this is viewed by society as strange and wierd. As though you're some sort of pervert.
All I want to do is to give em a few good pointers, like
1. Don't take relationships too seriously, otherwise you'll get so much more hurt.
2. Study and work hard for those A's and B's... succeed in school, and you'll be happier in the long run
3. What you do today... will effect you tommorow.. so put the serious relationships on the back burner, make excelling in school the priority and you'll go far and be alot more happier and successful... .. if you place relationship as a priority, you might as well date thru school and be a housewife with two kids

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