Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A daughters decision - her future

Wow... I don't know who's hearts get hurt worse; adults or kids. Angela is having a really difficult time with her oldest daughter Sam. Sam took off and ran away from home a few weeks ago, now she's wanting to move up to PA with her biological dad.
I know one thing... That it really crushes a parents heart to hear those words. To hear that your son or daughter doesn't need you anymore is very distressing, upsetting, and really is painful.
Anyways, Angela said she talked to Sam and said she could come home, but alot of changes need to be made by her concerning house rules. I know exactly what she's going thru, because Amanda pulled the same thing back a few years ago. She told us she wanted to visit Derek in Hawaii. Left one week in July.. called two weeks later and asked a couple of unusual questions.
Amanda:"Dad, what city were you born in?"
Me - "You should know that girl...Canoga Park, Ca"
Amanda - "Oh yeah.. thats right... how bout mom.. what city was she born in?"
Me - "Umm Chicago, Il.... why are you asking this?"
Amanda - "Umm....well... the courts need to know"
Me (Thinking she was in trouble) - "whaaaat!?... what did you do Amanda?"
Amanda (Hesitantly) - "Well... me and Derek....we're getting married...hehe"

I look back halfheartedly laughing about it now. But back then I was very upset and heartbroken. In a way if felt like she didn't need home anymore, that she didn't need her parents. I've forgiving her, and thats way in the past.
I just hope Angela's daughter realizes she needs her parents, their guidance, and their love.

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