Monday, January 10, 2011

Another wonderful day, another drama filled night

So.. another wonderful day over.. another drama filled night on Facebook.
So I spent most of my day with Conner. The lil "pumkin" was a little on the sick side. But I think alot of it is from Amanda and Vicky feeding the poor guy too fast. Too much too fast is not the best thing when feeding a 3 month old. So when he started getting sick and crying, they thought he was hungry.. and the entire thing started all over again.
Anyways.. he finally fell asleep just a few minutes ago in his moms arms. Amanda is such a wonderful mom. She surprises me every day with Conner. I love them soo much.

So I got on Facebook today.. and was surfing around making comments, and found out that "goofy" deleted her profile...or at least I thought she did. Anyways, when Amanda had logged in she was showing up in her profile, so I guess she de-friended me. Oh alot. Oh well... I still care bout her. I still consider her my other "niece". I just hope she doesn't get into trouble or get hurt like these other kids.

And to to top it off, Trudy had a REAL difficult night. It was something about Chris (her BF), but she was soo hurt and frustrated that she wanted to delete her profile. I tried to talk to her, that she shouldn't go to extremes because of one guy. I guess her and Julia talked for a while. Sometimes these kids surprise me. They're always there for each other, and for most of the times, take advice from each other. I just don't know why they can't take advice from adults... I mean.. we've been thru it already, been thru the heartaches, the heartbreaks.. the potholes in the road. But they hardly seem to ever ask parents, or adults. I don't get it

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