Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rolling in 2011.. and it was peaceful for about 40 minutes

So 2011 rolled in pretty smooth for the Reynolds, Gillespie, Linquist gang watching the ball drop and all. That is till Amanda asked about who bought the lowfat milk. Tim was like "Why do ya gotta bitch bout everything that I buy? If you don't like it buy it yourself.. Ya'll gotta complain bout the food bill but nvr complain bout the cooking" I started laughing because Amanda just turned around and snapped back to Tim "OMG Tim... shut the F#@ck up!" in a half jokingly way. I was WEAK!... it took me by surprise cause nobody ever talks to Tim like that way and I'd never seen Amanda snap back and talk to Tim like that! double surprise!! LOL

Of course we watched ABC with Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark. Every time I see Dick Clark though it really upsets me seeing him in his condition. I remember watching him host American Bandstand and he looked no older than 40... after doing some research i found out he was 60 when AB was in it's last season!! wow He really was "Americas Oldest Teenager". Sometimes I still feel like a teen. Anyways wanting to jetski and snowski or just bike ride makes me feel good and it's soo fun. Talking to the kids on FB makes me feel better to helping the kids out and all :-D
Speaking of which... I haven't talked to my other "niece" Carrie since Wed. I hate it when she's not online. I worry bout what shes getting herself into and the partying. I love her and think about her prob alot more than she realizes. She's like a 2nd daughter to me. I know she's bored down there and all I wanna do is just take her bike riding, skating, movies.. just something to show her that I care and that you can still have good fun without getting in trouble.Just wondering why she wasn't on FB for the past few days. Usually she texts from her phone at least. Uuugh!!

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