Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A marriage is between a husband and wife.. not the entire family

UUuggh! - So Amanda talked to Derek tonight and she told him that we've decided to drive her home instead of buying a plane ticket. Derek wasn't so keen on this because he thinks that we haven't paid her back from borrowing the money the past few weeks. Anyways, he's thinking how can we afford that when we haven't paid them both back yet.
Well, Vicky and Kevin seem to have a thorn with Derek as he's always taking control. I don't like the things he does, but I don't have a hatred towards the guy. I really wish Kevin and Vicky would back off and let them handle their own marriage. I give advice to my daughter, but I don't force it down her throat. They need to realize she is an adult, who makes adult choices in life and must live with those choices. I don't want Amanda to look back, regret that they didn't work it out, and then say "you pushed me away from him". I want them to try to work it out themselves. And if they don't.. well... she knows where home is and she'll be back...if they do.. then I hope they realize each others differences, work together with communication, teamwork & love and be happy together.

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