Thursday, March 10, 2011

I hate my self for caring

I've seen it happen with my daughters friends. I've seen one lose her "V" card at 14, and get pregnant at 15..... I've seen another get pushed around and verbally abused by her mother so much that she started cutting herself....I've seen another get caught up with soo many drugs, I was waiting to see her name in the paper of her ODing. It's scary out there for em. And they've already gone thru so much crap. Thats why I love em. And the sad part?... all I can do is talk to them. I can't be there for them, or help them out. I dunno... maybe I just need a life... maybe I shouldn't even bother.

I must be really stupid. I mean what the fuck was I thinking about when I started caring and giving help. I started getting involved in these kids lives, and they're still going to screw it up. They'll still get into the stupid relationship, get hurt, some will prob lose their "V" card, one will prob end up getting pregnant. What I need to do is let em go their way, make their own stupid mistakes. It's not like any of them are family anyways. Trudy is my niece and that was only by marriage. So she's not even blood related. Everyone from Julia, Dara, Skylar, Lexi...etc. I mean they're good kids... but they're not mine. I really don't think any of em really needs me anyways so. All we've been doing most of the time is playing that stupid poking war. I mean it's all cute...but I really could care less. Fuck it
I need to go back home, I need to visit my sisters, my bro, and my mom and dad.

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